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Am in the morning. So i i slept through it but apparently even yeah even if i woke up on time and then apparently two days later they opened up more tickets that immediately disappeared when when i logged in it was like there's one set of four tickets for five hundred dollars a piece and i said i'm good actually. Hey i mean first of all eight of you always sold out even before the pandemic now. We have over a year a pinup wrestling frustration. That they just piled in on. It was a harder to get those tickets than it is to get graphics card nowadays a lot. Yeah i mean like they is there. They've built a fucking solid show that we will get into the second segment before right now. It's time to take trip over to the corner. you know. And you nov. dylan's new japan quarter. I know you're gonna talk a lot about it and heels and baby faces as well but Jon moxley retained which only can mean one thing and that means that forbidden door has been destroyed. Can't tell you how like so. I'm of two minds about this one. I'm furious because cana- defended the briefcase for that fucking title more than people defended that actual goddamn belt now by several defenses and then he just like granted he had the best thing where he basically just flipped off. Moxley said fuck you for thirty seconds until moxley fucking like did the did the death rider which is which is the new japan version. Where he takes you to call. And then yes you the yeah. That's the not safe not safer for. Usc version yeah. Don't want the kids at home doing that. One so he at least went out like a bad ass I'm sad about that but at the same time it does establish heavily. That like jon moxley. Aew that partnership is happening will continue to happen at some point. Someone i really like will show up on a w television. And like you'll probably hear my like fan girl squealing from where you live. But at sonic boom. I wonder what happened. Oh did was it a boost. She did a boost hours. Bucci belushi if if fucking If i heard the beginning of like genius on all you'd hear me it'd be over italy overnight. I i would. I would yield destino so loud you could hear for j white shows up. Forget about it. Forget about it. I'd be like taking the title off. Moxley now are take the time love of moxley. Give them the. Us title let him be on tv with that. Well dylan's dead he l. He caused all of south florida to sink. At.

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