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This is the daily tech news for Tuesday, January twenty second two thousand nineteen in Los Angeles. I'm Tom Merritt anthem studio theline, I'm Sarah, lean from Oakland, California. I'm Justin Robert young. And from the fringes of LA county. I'm the show's producer Roger Chan, and of course, Justin Robert young on Tuesday instead of Thursday because he has a top five comedy album out today with our other guests on today's show. Mr Brian brushwood, host of. Next over here. First of all, it's a number one comedy album. It was a top five all albums on I tunes for temporarily number three. But the point is. Yes, we we've finally both made it it was a big thing when we had this album coming out. It was like, hey, Justin. You know? What's thing? We've never done before is shown up like as a duo like either one or the other of us goes on things. Finally, we're doing it together. Yeah. I'm super proud of the I think it's great all's well and night attack album available now, we'll talk a little bit more about it. We're going to talk to these guys a little bit about the things they had to go through to get an independent album out on the internet. They've they've been doing this more than once this isn't the first time through so we'll learn from them in a bit. Let's start with a few things, you should know. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that apple may drop LCD's altogether from the iphone line next year in favor of led screens. And we'll also reportedly be launching a five G iphone in twenty twenty. However, the company is still expected to release an LCD screen successor to the ten are later this year. The Wall Street Journal sources say Foxconn is considering moving the iphones manufacturing to India box gone, chairman, chairman twenty tarry goo supposedly plans to visit India to research, the idea apple appel, ready produces its phone SEA India in order to help it navigate laws requiring retail stores to stock a percentage of goods manufactured inside the country Foxconn supposedly wants to make sure it can find enough skilled workers and the appropriate infrastructure, and then they might be good just move it to India. Anyway, that's the growth market. China's sorta topping out Microsoft introduced a range of windows ten devices for the education market, including tune ones and lap. Ops from Acer Dell and Lenovo all around three hundred dollars Lenovo actually announced its one hundred eighty now available for one hundred eighty nine bucks..

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