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Hitchcock and about vertigo and vertigo informs lozada and then both were to go and legitmate inform twelve monkeys so we get that great moment of them in the theater watching vertigo watching the scene where medlin not madeleine stowe but madeleine the character the kim novak character is pointing at the rings of the tree and talking about his born here i died here new took no notice and then we'd go from that to him out in the lobby and when she turns around and is now suddenly blonde it becomes that moment where madeleine from vertigo walks out of the bathroom and suddenly is scotties dream woman madeleine has returned from the dead you know judy is no longer madeline is now they're fully for jimmy stewart and we even pull up the bernard hermann score so it's a really nice nod or call to vertigo and suddenly we have this new blonde character she suddenly becomes a hitchcock blonde in that moment she does the film changes it the cameras the tilt and things like that seemed like a we're doing we've stepped into a movie and i i liked it the transition is made from from them being on the street in philadelphia hiding from the cops and they turn around and and like pull their coats over themselves and then they look up and they're on the all those multiple tv screams that so they're they they moved from that to being in the theater and coal watching them the characters vertigo and says it's just like us like they see themselves literally on tv and then they go to the movie and see characters that they think that's us this is what's happening and just to be really dumb about the vertigo connections i like that james stewart and james cole.

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