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Of emergency radio by a broadcast if i to virginia state police personnel lieutenant in a trooper the pilot are dead after their police helicopter crash seven miles southwest of charlottesville hours ago state police in federal officials are invest gaining the crashes linked to the white supremacist rally in charlottesville say state police but no other details from them just released in the past hour by the regional jail the idea of alleged driver of this car that rammed into a crowd of eddie racist counterprotestors ended another car and then whom back in reverse james fields junior twenty years old white from mommy ohio's arrested virginia's governor declares a state of emergency and police dressed in riot gear ordered people out there on the streets of charlottesville right now violence erupted after knox who use kkk whitesupremicist bribe to protest plans to remove it statute confederate general robert leave from apart summer defending president trump's comments condemning the violence but both republicans and democrats are united in criticising him for not mentioning hate groups by name and instead saying this this juice display of hatred bigotry and violence on many sides no word what he meant by that abc's lana zak in washington the part of the reason why so many people are calling on president trump to specifically denounce whitesupremicist is that the leaders of those groups like former kkk grand wizard david duke are actually the you're in charlottesville and they're using the president's name in their hate speech saying they're going to quote fulfill the promises of donald trump and take the country back this type of rhetoric is abhorrent announced one group nearing fellow republicans and others calling on the president to denounce the white specifically lana zak in washington and you're listening two abc news pressures offer base buildings.

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