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Shooting. This is Nancy hardy Boeing faces another lawsuit from people who lost relatives and a seven thirty seven Maxine crat WBZ sports Jeff journey without O humidity's. She's on the DL. Bisexuals? Baltimore cups of the day off in Seattle tomorrow. Dow closed up eleven points. The NASDAQ up sixteen the s&p five hundred closed up three when the rest of this afternoon. Cloudy and cool with a high of fifty four some more rain tomorrow. Currently forty nine degrees at four o'clock. CBS news on the hour with Jeff glor- sponsored by the capital e-e-e-e-no card. Good Monday afternoon. The FBI says it has stopped a terror plot to attack a political rally near Los Angeles this past weekend complaint charges, Mark, Stephen Dominica. Domingo's a twenty six year old resident of recedo with a felony offensive providing and attempting to provide material support to terrorists US attorney Nicanor says Domingo considered other attacks at times, Mr. Dominguez said that he wanted to kill Jews as they walked to synagogue at other times. He said he wanted to kill and target police officers attack, a military facility or or attack crowds at the Santa Monica. Pier. Federal authorities say the suspect planned the attacks as retribution for the New Zealand mosque attacks much more on this story on tonight's CBS evening news. The woman who was killed in a deadly shooting in southern California synagogue. Is being rate laid to rest at this hour CBS's Steve Futterman is there. The funeral for the only person killed this weekend is taking place in the same synagogue where she was shot down sixty year old Laurie K will be remembered as someone who was always willing to help yesterday. Rabbi Yisrael Goldstein who will lead the service talked about his longtime friend Lori took the bullet for all of us. She didn't deserve to die. Local officials will be attending today's service. Steve Futterman, CBS news outside the on temple empowering, California groundbreaking, film director and screenwriter. John singleton has died. CBS's? Matt piper reports John singleton was the first black director to receive an Academy Award nomination. All the more remarkable considering it was for his debut feature. Nineteen Ninety-one boys in the hood, which he also wrote like many of a subsequent films it dealt with inner city issues. Among his other movies two thousand three's too fast. Too furious. And more recently. He co created the FX TV series snowfall fifty keys of Colombian white. I don't want to buy it. So we need to find a drug deal in two thousand sixteen he reflected on his career in an interview with television academy foundation,.

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