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Was straight. Well i love it. He said. I'm adrian taylor on the super chances. I'm late josse or mentioned the mark. Beat tweet mark. It wasn't true that i i seen it. That can't be true. Go check that for instance. That can't be true. i seen it. If that's true. I thought it was a mean by. There's no way that's true. There's no way he did that man marketing doing that. Absolutely no way marks marks it way more too much of a gentleman. What but if mark did that. That is show that no. That's a show. That's an extension dog. Yes i just said it to pre pro. Don't send you gotta verify the twitter account man. I ain't got some dude. I gotta hit these callers up. The i gotta make sure israel we can't be. We can't be acknowledged fake shit. Love donny water done donny. Daddy the data rob says. The tweet is fake bro. You don don don don. He got a bad connection. You told them he calls the inception. Let's see who's up. Jt dublin back. Never leave a man behind gone coach. Myers boomerang home my son. Whoa taking it real far now you to really fight man. See that's what i'm saying and that's should we don't be sent around in the east. You know some new try to get it over on the side about that shot to get they call you son because you saw like i with all that funny shit. It's that's a fake post because that's not what's up on his tweet. They put his background. His actual tweet tweeted. And that i hang golden. We go on the bureau rain. You know neo ness. Can you hear me gave it to me. O j mac gopher yet. okay. Oh dan we didn't guy so far sprint of this has been a lie. Hey no i was gonna stick to the topic. I'm not getting to the core shit with wild and all that one just hash itself out before i start picking sides Ot another thing. Like i seen somebody see freedom of speech. Well that's true you can sit wherever the fuck you wanna say. But they comes cosco's for saying wherever the fuck you want to say because somebody can do a wanted a respond to what you say so. That's assistant called accountability. So when you when you a conscientious person person you mindful oh the consequences of that could come behind the stuff you see now. Have you somebody that walk their wildlife and all that stuff you say what you want to say. I have said disrespectful stuff to people on his show. And i meant it Someone has hashed it out some of that. Threaten to do certain things and another person insinuated about getting yourself. Shot behind wholesome out accountable. Amen look.

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