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Lot of questions about motivation. I think this is a great place to start looking at your blood. You know there could be that that could be something that could be a factor because like with andrew they they saw The your red blood cell count was high which is showing some issues potentially with sleep If your sleep is thrown off well of course you're not motivated in time you know so It could lead to like. Hey let's let's look at. Let's consider you having a sleep. Study done or it could be that your strom levels are starting to get lower than they used to be or or whatever it might be. But i think a great place to start is to to look into that because it's going to give you an idea of all the different things that are going on in your life. They're all gonna show up on this test. Nah your stress that you have in your life whether you're able to sleep whether you're out partying into the middle of night and it's gonna it's going to reveal a lot And i think it's I think this is the way to go. I think it's the way to go. I think you're see more and more people Jumping on board with this. Or if you feel like you can't get out of your own and you're kinda fucking stuck on the couch Us merrick health. They go get some blood work done and then on top of the blood work. You're going to have somebody walking you through each and every panel that they went over are that they They drew from you. They're going to go over each thing and they're going to tell you how you can work on Having a better outcome the next time that you get your blood done. Yeah and you know. We just had lane norton on and he was talking to bryan callen. You know if if if anybody has ever heard callan he's always talking about like i gotta get on t. T i had to do something like you know. I mean just looking at that guy. He's always springing he's always full of energy like testosterone personify. So lane was like dude. Just go get your labs done and sure enough. He had high test so area. Yeah yeah so you know exactly what mark saying like go. Get your labs done and that'll never really it to be like motivating but you're absolutely right. Like yeah i do gotta get my check and all that good stuff because you know. That's that's that's dangerous. you know. Listen she could happen down the road to having merrick take care of my blood work and tell me what i'm doing what it's doing Puts me in a better position to just get better. Learn about your heart. You can learn about your digestive system. I mean you can find all kinds of stuff. This cancer screenings too. I mean it's kind of heavy but that something that you to know especially as you get older like you want to make sure that you're not at risk you don't wanna like big mark lobe liner. Recently he had something removed he just found out and he had it removed early. But you don't want to have a situation where something was lingering and you could have found out about three or four years ago but you didn't So just keep that in mind. Take us out of here andrew egypt. So we're again. We're talking about labs in merrick is our lab company and we highly recommend that you guys start getting stuff done and make it a little bit easier for you because you can use promo.

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