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We're back covering the most forte job interview of all time. Live twenty nineteen NFL scouting combine. Let's see who Florio lakes. Nick foles is going to waltz, right? Into free agency the Philadelphia Eagles. Here's what happened. We had Howard Rosen on the program yesterday. We played some of it are in the shop. They tried to trade him. They tried to set up the tag and trae they knew it wasn't gonna work. So now, they're they're doing the right thing making it known to the world, they're not going to tag. And if they thought they could've traded him. They would have tagged traded. And also, they don't want a lot the money to the franchise tag or anything like that. Right. Because they are one of the teams that are in kind of dire straits salary cap. If you know, you're not gonna be able to trade him and the franchise tag, he signs it back up. Exactly, right. Okay. So what we're gonna do? Yes, falls is now in the pool, and there are other. These are the best quarterbacks for twenty nine nine who are available free only twenty nine to future. Right, right. So we're gonna we're not flipping a corn. We're gonna rock paper, rock scissors. Rock paper, scissors. Are you going to be able to scissors paper rock? I choose everybody here. It's rock paper scissors listened rock head. Okay, one. We'll get Ron Davis is shoot. I got the first choice for one year. I gotta go. Nick foles we've seen what Nick foles can do we've seen how he can capture. Magic lightning in a bottle. And we've also seen what happens when he was with the Rams I'm willing to take that chance though, because I think we've seen enough of what you need to do to coach Nick foles offense you need. You can't jam him into a tough spot. And look was the Rams it was all due respect. I love Jeff Fisher but Jared Goff. They. Defensively challenge. Rams with Jeff Fisher. Case keenum was a quarterback of the Rams with Jeff Fisher. I'll I'll call that the fluke and I'll say that eagles 2013 eagles 2017 eagles twenty eighteen. I'll find a way to get that out of Nick foles. Give me if it's one year, Nick foles. No brain. Yeah. I get that. That's probably would have been my first pick. Well, I can't believe you went with scissors their damn it. I'm really disappointed. But either way he is he's a proven commodity, and he's been in a lot of big time situations and pay off football in the Super Bowl. I mean, come on outduel the Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter Super Bowl fifty two. So that I mean, that's a pretty good health on the horse as they would say, I just realized why you want with paper because we were talking about rocks. And I thought you were going to do it. Now. I never okay going with Murray. That's going to be the my my pick. I don't care. I don't give a damn that. He's a rookie quarterback. I always had crap. Ways to but Cuyler Murray Murray. Yes for me is the number one quarterback in the draft. And now is not going to change. There is he's electric. He is, you know, I know only a one year starter at Oklahoma. And that's certainly going to be used against me or against him even coming out in the draft process. But I think he's a natural thrower the football. He's a phenomenal like a generational type athlete at the quarterback position. Did I mean really checks every box as far as mechanics in the pocket vision down the field proper decisions going through reads. So it's a new day and age I'm not as scared for these rookie quarterback's anymore. They've gotten so many rats with the camps in seven on seven and high school football. They're throwing it forty five times a game all of that. That's why I'm gonna go caller Murray. And yeah, I'm a big believer in drafting a gone wrong. And right in the Browns should have done it last sheriff Baker Mayfield. I am a firm believer. The way to go. And look I obviously if it was more than one year calories the guy for one year and one year only Eileen falls, you agree, but I have gone with. You Murray would have been my second choice. All right. My next one. This is difficult. It's difficult. Yeah. I'm a case keenum. Gotcha. I think if you put case keenum in the right situation you understand what he can do. Well, understand what he doesn't do. Well, you can get a lot out of a case keenum, and I still remember we'd break down the highlights of of him getting out of the pocket. He'd reset looked down the field. He instinctively knew when the pressure was coming this the year in Minnesota run. Again, find a guy wide open. He really helped fuel that team to go thirteen and three is no small feat. And he had a lot to do with that last year in Denver had his moments. You know, I think the the coaching staff and the different, and they they they have their system, and they try to jam the guy into the system. I'm a firm believer in taking what the guy is. And putting the best system around him. And I think I could make some hay with case keenum with the right system. Yes. A suit his strengths. Yes. Certainly, I I I don't I'm not against you there. I'm not sure if I would have gone, case keenum, totally with this. But yes, everything you said does make sense. I mean, yeah, he's not going to be a franchise superstar quarterback. But again, another guy who we've seen in some big situations. Two years ago with your Minnesota Vikings. He's bad. Tested. He seemed different offensive systems and schemes. So I understand that. It's not a horrible pick by you. Okay. So what's your next pick smart guy? I know my next pick. I'm not sure if I want to go with one of these rookies or another proven commodity, but you know, what I'm going to go with talent. I'm just gonna go with the talent. I'm going with drew lock. Okay. They quarterback from zuri. And I know that might sound crazy out there. But I this drew lock kid is impressive to me. When I watch him on film. He really is. He can really throw the ball. Here's a special arm is what I'm going to say. I mean, it's a Patrick Mahomes. Baker Mayfield ish titled arm. I'm not going to say Patrick Mahomes 'cause that's an another level. That's another stratosphere. That's like Aaron Rodgers John Elway, but still a special arm. What we're saying about homes. It's all accurate is after a year ago. We wouldn't have been saying, no, he gave us the visual evidence of the things we thought he could be now we've seen it and we go. Oh, yes. Okay. But drew lock big quarterbacks. Had a lot of experience playing in the SEC. I hear people talking about oh gosh. You know, they didn't win a lot of big games this year. Well, he was Missouri in the SEC. They're not the greatest coach football team. I've seen they were the lesser talented team on the football field more times than not. So that's why I'm going to go with him. Because I do think he's got enough reps. He's very good in the pocket. Another guy that hey, one knock on this lock guide. I know you, and I are going to talk about him a lot. He can take. He can make a dumb interception or a dumb decision. Maybe once a game. But I think those are things that can be coached out of a player. And when you're on a team like Missouri where you're the lesser team on the field more times than not. And you don't have the defense that's gonna stop and make it a low scoring game. When your offense isn't working you're forced to maybe force the issue at throwing the ball making some. Risky decisions at time. But I really liked you lock. Yeah. And we're going to hear a lot more about him as we get closer and closer to the draft who have his workout at the combine start to maybe wake up to him because it's all been Murray and Haskins suicide extent losses, right? And the the Broncos a team that I thought maybe that that's the direct sharing about going. And maybe they still can maybe it's Joe flacco for a year or two, and then locking lock is one of those out of those three or out of the big three that I'm going to call with Murray Haskins lock lock is the only one that's played more than one year. You know, that's the other thing that's going to be a knock on Haskins and Murray as well. You know, they've only got one year in college football. And I understand that argument. I certainly do reps matter, you know, just being back beneath or underneath the center behind the center and getting a feel for defenses and managing situations that is important. And that's where lock has a little bit of advantage over the other two guys. I got one that's going to blow your mind that you have any baby you've really whiffed because this should have been your second round pick. Yeah. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Ryan fitzpatrick. Nick for one year one year and one year only gimme ripe, you I've had better know. Oh, yeah. One year. Oh, what he did last? All right. He got benched. Jameis Winston was back. Didn't know what to do with at that point fit for one year of the guy's available. Yes. I got Fitzpatrick. Okay. I almost made him the second round pick. But I played the odds there that you wouldn't take. Well, I yeah. I I wouldn't have picked Ryan Fitzpatrick. So don't worry. Brian Kitts patch? No, I didn't even write him down my short list here. So I yes, yes. I can understand your thought process with the Ryan Fitzpatrick he certainly going to be able to understand any offense. And he gives you some veteran leadership, and he's been in a lot of different situations. But the one thing I'll say about Ryan Ryan Fitzpatrick for being the veteran guy everything you want him to be. He's about as careless with the football is anybody we've seen too. I and I think that sometimes gets like a swiped under the rug because he went to Harvard and he's smart. So we're just not going to talk about the dumb interceptions. He throws all the time. So that's one thing. I would push back there. Okay. Ooh, it's really down to Ed Haskins or a tyrod Taylor to me here this it's one of those two and we forgotten about tyrod. Tyler was on my short list. I want Fitzpatrick over tyrod Taylor. But he was the week one start the Cleveland Browns. He he was the guy and he got injured. And now we just forgotten about I know and he can manage certain situations. Like I look at him as a Jacksonville type of guy. But at the end of the day, again, I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go with Dwayne Haskins from Ohio State. I just can't pull the trigger on rookies. Man, going all rookies. Well, I thought I was going to win. The rocks, paper scissors and get Nick foles the start. But yeah, I am rock scissors paper. Shut up. But either way I am going with Dwayne Haskins Dwayne Haskins a big strong quarterback. I mean, he's almost like a Big Ben Rothlisberger back there. A little raw certainly going to have some things mechanically that he needs to correct. But you're talking about another guy with some major pop and his arm and played in some big moments. And I know it's only been one year of college football. But from what I saw from the start of the year last year to the end of the year. It really gave me believe that you know, this kid's only gonna get better. He's just scratching the surface of what he could possibly be early season. Hey, yeah. He was getting used to playing quarterback for Ohio State and and getting used to play in college football. But by the end of the season when they're playing northwestern and the big ten championship game or Washington in the Rose Bowl, Mike, man. He made a lot of big time throws in some tight windows and not a very creative pass friendly offense. And that's why that's why I go there. Do you think both guys go top ten Haskins and Murray, I really I will say this. I think all three are going to go top fifteen. I really do. I wouldn't be shocked. If all three went top ten when all said and done how many first round quarterback coach over under right now. Somebody's gonna creep in thirty. Yeah. I it is is it going to be the big thing will be somebody at thirty to go with the, you know, the the kid from Duke Daniel Jones Jones is at my blanking on his name. Either way the kid from Duke he's in that conversation. You know, doesn't Auburn Steadham? Getting that conversation does a wheel will Greer? I am going to say it's four. But I don't feel comfortable that I can guarantee it'll be the three. I'm just not sure it's gonna take something like you're saying somebody trading up late into the first round. Or maybe a New England takes the kid from Duke. And makes that guy, you know, maybe the heir-apparent to a Tom Brady. That's the thing. There isn't an overabundance of teams looking for starting quarterback right now. But there are plenty of teams that have older guys that need to be thinking about the replacement, and that's where it potentially could be. You know, I'd say three and a half is the over under for quarterbacks in round one at this point. All right. Quick break. One return. A good, buddy. Paul Burmeister is here. We'll wrap up this Thursday edition of pro football talk live from Indianapolis the scouting combine with PFC life continued up very nice..

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