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They actually driving racing cars co. What a great experience. How how tough was it then. Let's talk about leaving home and making that move to europe. What we age seventeen something like that yet around seventeen. How tough was it to go and live in europe thousands of miles away from your family. Yeah i mean it was. It was definitely tough. Something even at points now. Still find difficult i mean. I did most of my racing over in north america. Starting karting thirteen years old from me which was quite a late start i did. Maybe we also don't know the exact number. But i could count on both hands. Probably how many races. I did outside of north america in my my car in career so not very many at all of see you know the goal was to try and make it the formula one and to do that and you had to go over to europe to race maybe. Can i stop you right that. The goal was formula one yet north america. There's a there's a great following for indycar and other forms of open wheel racing. Where did the passion for former one come from. Because there's even an indycar race was in toronto. Yes your home city so why formula one guess at the time prior to getting into carting itself you know. We always go to the formula one race in montreal and to be honest even when i started karting i didn't really have an intention or ambition to make it a career and get the formula one was only a few after a few years. And i'm like yeah. This is great. This'll be cool to try and pursue a career formula one just it seemed at the time and it obviously is not the most prestigious racing series in the world. I mean that's got what i walked on. Tv that's what seemed cool other other members of your family. Who at inter racing or was it a new thing that came from you and you pestering your parents say this is what i wanted to..

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