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Okay. No. Thank you so much. Welcome. Just get some gorilla glue and glued the thing on there. That's all just. Get lost in San Antonio. Hey. Is it hot down there today? Yeah it's over one hundred. Yeah. Oh, man committed it feels like it feels like. One hundred five I bet humidity and heat. Well stay. Cool if you can. I appreciate it. Thanks for the call. Steve Okay. Take Care bye-bye. Comes up a lot because a lot of cases lot of mounts have magnets in them. But As far as I know, I've never seen any damage done to the any any modern phone or tablet or anything. but there's no moving parts in there. In fact, the only moving part is a micro electromechanical machine or a mems. That is the compass and but it is. It's it's just like a regular compass that uses it detects the magnetic field of the earth. And of course, if there's a magnet nearby won't be, it'll say I don't know what's going on but the north bowls now the south. Pole. And the south. Poles now. Due East Won't that won't work anymore but other than that should be. All right. Let's go to Florida Tony's on the line from Hudson. Hello. Tony. How you doing? I'm doing. Well, thank you for taking my call. Thanks for calling. You're breaking up a little bit so. What can I do for you? Break Out. Let me know I'll. I'll take my head off okay either women hold it. Maybe my phone is in the Promo. Go to go stand next to your front I do that all the time I forget. You forget you wearing a Bluetooth headset. You Wander off you forget. Until Yeah. Because we can't hold for four hours I completely understand I don't blame you. Anyway I have before the Traveling On now, I now you're worse are you near? I can hardly yet. Oh Hey, look I tell you what hang on. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get this fixed I. I don't know what's going on but Let me let me give you back to.

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