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Who me out and beat me was another time. An office suppressed his revolver to ron's head. It taken the rounds out and he kept pulling trading. And i didn't know when he pulled the trigger and just blow my head you get beaten and get all these damn tickets and again you guys who would grow dislike. We didn't have job. You don't have read the job you can't pay for these damn tickets and stuff and you don't want to be in court you don't wanna be profiled more heavily than everybody else who was damn hard. It was our i think. A lot of support began to just kind of dry cap ultimately folded after about a year of almost daily patrols. Baronne says that he started over fifty years ago. It's still needed today. Some people right now trying to get them to stop doing and you know had different measures taken by ultimately even even with that. Somebody has to watch that has to chat on that. Which means you need patrols. You need people on the streets police. The damn police. There are lots of ways through police. The police don't ella frazier and many others have simply use their cell phones but for many many years journalists in watchdogs of all sorts have used another tool one. That is likely about to be taken away coming up. The uncertain future of the police scanner. Stay with wild. By elliot's studios is a new podcast hosted by me eric. Galindo about growing up kind of about how. The affected many people in transformational ways in this new series. I will take you on an intimate exploration of what it was like spending fifteen months at home and how those moments big and small transformed us forever. it's hopeful it's uplifting. It's a vibe listened to while by elliot's studios wherever you get your podcasts..

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