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Thank more calendars and I always remind him he's the one who said you know something about our audience nice audience nobody sending any calendars into get signed and then all of a sudden they started to come in I go Hey about that audience there Mario eight seven seven three P. show email address D. P. Dan Patrick dot com Twitter handle at the P. show yes my club I was curious if the land was after Fred Lynn for Mookie Lynn bats but I went on this whole apparently there was a big issue people were afraid he was named after Mookie Betts but it turns out his parents were big Mookie Blaylock fans and they change markets to Mookie is a nickname because of that but it is not there's no friendly in connection I think I'm the only one who would have made that wait you just said that that he was going to be he they thought he was gonna be named after Mookie Betts so he got to Boston and everyone's like wait this guy is named after Mookie Wilson Wilson yeah who the Mets player who killed but that was the Buckner place yes Mookie Wilson yeah so I was like well how can you have the best red Sox player name Mookie when Mookie Wilson I sure dash the hopes of red Sox fans at eighty six it turns out the nicknames after Mookie Blaylock not Mookie Wilson okay echo but when Fred Lynn now this Madeline a popular player these days by now now again channeling Todd the I. team eighties baseball yeah exactly mid seventies I think with with Fred Lynn I had some phone calls here by the way I I like my Dayton flyers my alma mater their number three in the country while they're flying too close to the sun I don't want my flyers who are used to being up in the air with the nickname flyers I don't want them to be Icarus and you get too close to the sun I want them to be a little I want them to be a sleeper here now they're gonna be a number two seed and now I get nervous yep well why wouldn't it be a one seed if they're in the top four teams in America John I asked Joey brackets or whoever's doing this Hey go get him and don't you want that moment in the final four Jim Nance introduces the Dayton flyers as famous alarming that graphic on the screen it's going to get you in there Gruden you Chuck Noll who boy yeah how many other schools have two coaches who won super bowls I don't know what if what the answer is other than Dayton if it's a lot you are not already tell you does not allow his son to a high you don't have to tell you yeah it's just I got Jon Gruden and I got Chuck Noll that's pretty good coaching royalty there and Gerry Faust very fast with the date and I believe member Notre Dame head coach now who else is here erma Bombeck the famous columnist went there the Jim Paxson great basketball player yeah there's been a few yeah I I would hope I'm on the shortlist there if if Dayton goes to the final four that Jim Nance would give me a shot a young club did you say did make vague go today's busy from Dayton John McKay Sean McVay's grandfather coached Sean McVay wasn't sharp enough to get into dating he had to go to Miami of Ohio nine yeah there is a higher smack talk to cradle coaches that's Miami of Ohio okay okay sorry by the way I would have loved to have gone to Miami of Ohio one day on campus and my head was on a swivel I was going I can't keep track of all the beautiful women on this campus it was it was remarkable and the only problem every building is a red brick building there if somebody says all yeah go down to the it's a red brick brick building you can't miss it and then of course every building is red brick building there but seems got this problem too because his not his alma mater but he was named after Seton hall they're eighth in the country so you're not you're not a sleeper no no in this is where it gets a little bit like I would prefer that Dayton was tenth with the potential to be a you know one of the top fourteen it is a lot more comfortable when your team gets in there and you know they just sneak into the top twenty five so you know they're in the tournament yeah like I this is this is I feel comfortable here but now when you're looking at it being a three C. I know holy crap I know this is crazy yeah I'm a club you guys have to put them in the final game you're obligated right when we're doing our bracket pools like you have to do there's no way you have to put that in there and inside your house but you know I don't I don't Seton does he'll put West Virginia and Seton hall your us always pick if either one of them is in there I'll pick them to win it I mean I would have Dayton going farther than I would normally have them but I don't want to go on the on the pencil them into win the national championship I have to do my research Mike Levin you just don't go all **** nilly when you're filling out your brackets well kind of we are the see who's your pick West Virginia scene off they played each other before the finals Seton hall for sure I've been a life long seen often west Virginia's been a little bit of a disappointment this year yeah I think that I don't are they making it the in kind of say that pretty much every year the new wait till you get a lot of our bracket challenge will give you the details of that coming up we ever celebrity bracket challenge and you the audience will be able to compete with all the celebrities there in an unbelievable price there for the winter the V. one member of the audience that we were working on some great things for a bracket challenge will give you a heads up on that as soon as we got all the details for you well we see a mention for cheese L. clippers thunder seventy Sixers Lakers anybody for the seventy Sixers playing in B. that's the big stars Ben shake Milton shake Milton over under twenty for shake Milton against the Lakers you know he's been training over by like it feels like he's one of those guys is bottom could fall out soon member of we had a guy for Concorde mas who had three thirty point games in a row then went over nine in this next year or something like that and he was unbelievable I remember the summer league and I go boy if that guy gets good there's a lot of announcers gonna be nervous trying to pronounce his name and not screw it up and say another word for can are there it will on the game on the clipper Sixers game van Gundy and jacks were saying there's so many guys who could score thirty points in an NBA game that you don't even know but they can't do it consistently so you can have a shake Milton is that does that ring true that it you could there's a lot of guys who can score name basis they can't do it a lot you know I guess they think I could see that did you know the Celtics have three players averaging at least twenty points this year because you've got Jayson Tatum Kemba Walker and Jaylen brown now it's happened before now with the Boston Celtics but do you probably couldn't guess the players who were that the three players on the Celtics so this is the second time in franchise history now right now they're they're they're averaging over Tatum is averaging twenty three and a half Jaylen brown twenty point four Kemba is twenty one point eight this happened nineteen sixty six Boston Celtics anybody want to take a crack at the Celtics of nineteen sixty six yes well I think a gas R. Russell how knights in Jo Jo no none of those I don't know I'll have a check how will check stole the ball was one boy Sam Jones Sam Jones was the leading scorer the third one Bailey Howell briefly into my time the average right at twenty points Bailey home Bailey George Bailey I think you're gonna say bird McHale parish I thought that was why it's a wonderful life yes George Bailey Bailey George Bailey I can only I can only mimic what a couple of lines like president Reagan Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall but that's if they go give me some more Mister gore yeah that's a something else and this yeah that's all I got sometimes it's just you don't feel the Jimmy Stewart with it's a wonderful life are you gives that Mari Bari is audio and then that's it give me another Jimmy Stewart one I don't know there is one in the Mr Smith goes to Washington is that the the one where he he a filibusters for a day or two that one I was watching that the other my wife loves these old movies like Turner Classic Movies and sugar all of you ever seen this arsenic and old lace ogle no she goes oh my god they're all these movies I have not seen and she'll be like I can't believe you haven't have you not seen recycled I don't know why I just didn't think about watching these old movies but it you know the like all Kerry grant like a big deal I like the Jimmy Stewart is kind of the same guy and every movie is a sinister looking out the back of this window and I'm and I'm and I'm not right I got a broken legacy I like Grace Kelly in rear window boy all timer gracefully spectacular personality yeah yeah great I got to get a line from Mr Smith so then I can try to imitate that but there's one where he stands up and he's a mass he's disabled and he's barely able to stand up and he's filibustering so I don't what that line is sounds like the most boring movie of all time by the way well it's not it that's a great movie now yes the club you look puzzled I've actually never seen that one is it is a good Mister Smith it's if I might wonder academy award it's pretty pretty impressive ever seen who shot liberty valance mill yeah people love that one see what happens there's so many black and white movies announcing then and my wife is incredulous she can't imagine that I've somehow live this life that I've lived and I haven't seen some of these movies that's like us with you in Goodfellas yeah but I I'm I'm not big on the mob hello.

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