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There for the Cougars. 24 tackles already. Meanwhile, they take on ASU and I like Ricky Pierce saw this guy is like a triple threat there for the Sun Devils were shot. Wait at the back field. They've got Wilson and Bunkley Shelton as well pretty good receivers Butler and so I'll pretty good rule linebackers as well. For a sus you on the road minus 3.5 52 total from Provo. I like the spot there's on state catching BYU off their biggest one in a while. I mean, if you watch the game, that's up. I like the one Super Bowl. So, uh, play against BYU and that spot castle like the under eye. Just motif defense is Have the advantage of the opponents are the opposing offenses. Both teams coaches are conservatives so under for me as well. Iowa state brought partying company off that disastrous turnover performance at home. The Cyclones losing the sidewalk trophy to Iowa and again as Brad told you, Iowa only 177 yards of total offense but still found a way to get it done with their solid defence brief hall. He's got to do better than what he's done. 39 carries 1 38 on the grounds got a couple touchdowns. He's a good receiver out of the backfield as well. And they did get tight and Charlie Koller back last week to help out Wilson and Milton. As far as receiving wise will McDonald the fourth leading the way with that Iowa state defense. They have a solid linebacking corps as good as anybody's in the country and then decors. Is a guy that also Can help out there with broad party He got in for a little bit of action. Their backup quarterback for you know, V. Doug Broomfield. You know, he goes back and forth with Rogers. But Broomfield is the guy now because he can run he can throw. They've yet to throw a touchdown pass. Charles Williams been the workhorse. They don't really have much of a receiving game right now. But I do like the way that women plays that linebacker position and A jockey as well. Those guys 39 tackles between them for the Rebs Rebs recovered against Arizona State. Now they're going to catch 32 a half up to 33 some places at Allegiant Stadium 52 a half the total bread. I didn't play it. I'll be in attendance. I they don't have more fans than you and I'll be. But I like that kind of number on the road. Uh, but I'm not betting on your only either until I could status of the quarterback. Fresno State at U C L. A Fresno State. Uh Catching 10.5 up to 11. Some places are it's stated 11. That's where it's hit. 63 63 a half the total Ronnie Rivers and Jordan memes in the backfield. They've got killing a cropper. We've fallen Pope, decent receivers. I like Jake Hainer. I think the youngster has got eight touchdowns. No pics has done a great job for Fresno State, and they were that close to beating Oregon. I mean, can you imagine how deflated Oregon would have been going into the horseshoe? Instead they go in there. They're sky high because they came back beat Fresno. They're missing three defensive starters, including Thibodeau, and they get the win over Ohio State. Fresno State that closer to winning up at Autzen Stadium. U C L A off of by Remember that Sharpen a transfer from Michigan and they've got dull. Such an excellent tight end Kyle Phillips, not a bad receiver. It's going to be a good one. But U C l A. To me is a team that I don't want to get in front of as much as I respect, president stated Spanish, his team in for instance, state maybe without their starting center whose dad passed away and, uh, 63 63 a half is the total. Where you going on this one. I'd like you feel, um you know, I like both teams want to bet on both teams. But, you know, I thought there was slight value on the Bruins. I think they you know that it was good that they had to buy after the big one against L issues so Dragon Knights will reset for him. Just think they're not blind experiments. They beat up president there well, but there you go in the last game, Santa's a state minus seven now across the board, where a lot of 6.5 but seven now Coming off the bye at San Jose State. Next article, Tyler and Evans in the backfield, along with good, solid tight end Derek East Junior, But Santa's a state they you know they lose the USC, they beat Southern Utah. A team that also went down and played a issue and then Hawaii with Cordero will try and take care of business. It's the fourth game already for Hawaii. They day Hunter in the backfield. Not bad. He's a dual threat out of the backfield. Martin and Turner and Jared Smart needs to do more because Martin and Turner of done their job, but Jared Smarts been quiet. Compared to those two on LaSalle has 19 taxes to lead the Rainbow Warriors. They are catching seven at home 62 from Honolulu. Numbers fair. It's right on my number at seven. So, uh, don't that for me? All right, real quick. Just your take FCS FBs games. Anything that jumps out that still has value for the listeners if they can get down Uh huh. I kind of like Delaware against Rutgers. As long as you're getting more than 21, so By price would be 21 a half or more so that Delaware against Rutgers. And just want to got to ask because I'm curious. What about my leathernecks of western Illinois at home against Eastern Washington, Plus 9.5? Uh, well that night and has thank one book. I had to soft number because it's and I can tell you if it's not soft somebody needs from Washington. That number is way off my opinion that the numbers should be well in the double digits. Sorry, K p. No, that's okay. That's alright. Just I just I look if I can make money I'll think of money. These are Washington Lane to it. You and all the right on a neutral world. I mean, would you be back here all the seventies Western all night? Yes, I would. So there you go. Alright. Good stuff. Brad Powers. Alright Saints at Panthers Panthers Right now, Plus 3.5. There are some threes minus juice but mostly 3.5, now on New Orleans, But I'll tell you what Jamie's Winston looked really solid. I know the game was in Jacksonville and Aaron Rodgers did not play a good game, but that's part of New Orleans. They came to play and I let Sean Payton Carmichael runs a pretty good offense, and I think Jamie's Winston's matured and not the same, You know, gun slinger that's going to be thrown a lot of interceptions like he did at Tampa Bay. I liked what I got from Carolina. They were one of my players last week. Jets came back had begotten a two point conversion. I would have pushed that game It would have been upset, but they end up covering the game your take on this one. McCaffrey and the guys at home does not rule get a win there. Does he get a cover or to the Saints Keep rolling. Yeah. I don't think you ever is good or bad. You're looking weak one from the NFL, So I'm going to play against how great New Orleans Look, they've had covid issues. They got injury issues. I like the home dog outright. Wow. There you go. All right, so you and I'll go a ham sandwich on that one. I'll take. I'll take the saints there. I'll give you 3.5. I respect that rule. I like him a lot. But I just think New Orleans is is pretty solid, and I think they're moving forward without Thomas, the receiver. They're going to play it like he's not going to be there. Texans and Browns Browns up to 13 and I agree with the move 48 the total. This is one of my players that I got on early Look, Cleveland gave the game away against Kansas City. I thought they really dominated the Boche point. I mean, it's absolutely unexcusable that you don't roll out to your right and then try to kick the ball. That's just, you know, brain malfunction there, but Cleveland to me, they'll be back. Unfortunately, we'll probably have to go through Kansas City again because of the tiebreaker scenario, although I still expect Cleveland To win that HFC north. I did make a bet with Mr Brad Powers. He's got the Baltimore Ravens. Good luck with that. Uh, Cleveland and Houston. David Cully Houston. Very impressive in that first game..

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