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You doesn't mean you're not stronger because of it didn't mean you build up a beautiful way to get around it in solve for it and i think the solving for what bothers us is actually a very foundational point of strength for most people because without any sort of challenge we're never going to rise to an occasion of anytime so step one is to be focused and you say dwell on what you want instead of what worries you. I love that idea and it seems to me that it's a slight pivot of attention. It's not a huge pivot of attention. Those two ideas really are very parallel and with each other. Because if what you're worried about is not getting to the next level and what you really want is that next level. It's really up to you. Say okay. I'm just gonna leapfrog that and say this is the best i can do and i'm not going to think about the things that might hold me back. I'm just going to go and really enjoy what i like to do or what. I'm focused on. I'm not going to think about the people who disagree with me. Were will fight with me or Belittle me i'm just going to lake leapfrog them and do the things that i need to go. While keeping this framework of dwell on what you want incentive what worries you. How would you say you know that we clearly look at the actual obstacles in our path right because we do need to be able to look at obstacles. Create strategies create plans around them. Talk a little bit about how we do that without getting into a dwelling on worries us. Yeah i think talking about the suan thinking of this idea globally and not specifically. I really just kept going at anecdotes of things like. Oh there's a boss that i don't think will help me or there's a monetary costs that i don't know if i can get around and again like there are always little creative ways that people will be like well. I'm going to do it this way if i wanna learn this new thing. I have a library. If i want to be a better person to my spouse. I don't have to go out of my way. I just have to listen to them or subtle little shifts that whatever is in the way if you ignore it and really focus on okay. What i want than the obstacle itself becomes so much smaller. We usually use those obstacles as excuses as opposed to like actual obstacles. And if we can. Kind of we've around them creatively with our own sort of greedy love can get to where we want to be better. That's a great phrase greedy love because it leads me into another of the ideas from this step one which is to start with your envy. Envy isn't shameful. it's powerful. That's a interesting take on it. Yeah i've always seen people especially in the art space. Where they they find something. That's just absolutely gorgeous wonderful. And they're like. I wish i had painted that. I wish i had written that. I wish i had done that already. And instead of getting angry about it the really good artists i see are dislike. I'm going to take my own methodologies and media and do something more like that and that's that sort of motivation because you don't know what you can be until you see it somewhere else that gives you that next. Step up and envying and wanting an admiring things i think is something that we're told we shouldn't do as opposed to something we should seek out in use for fuel for all of our endeavors right at least in my experience a couple of the word i would use this caveats to that but additional thoughts on that one is you've got a diagram somewhere in the book and i can't remember where but you talk about culture that commodities us and we live in a culture that commodities is everything and a that markets relentlessly to our.

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