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The way they did it. They they spent two thirds of the episode dealing with the try gone thing resolve that in a very tidy fashion then forward which is the way they had to do it and all the introduced they introduce Bruce they introduced death stroke in the introduce winner green and that's all the introduce the yeah we didn't get to see any of the other characters that going to be introduced super lawyer and all that other stuff that and so so it wasn't overwhelming to the viewer and Isa Morales he doesn't get to do a whole lot. He's essentially like okay. I'm coming back. I go home and you know winner Green. Lets me into my own home. Yeah like for whatever reason he didn't remember the code to his gate but he remembers the code to a secret room with a weapons yeah. I did curious go ahead. No I was just GonNa say an in here. He is cleaned up obviously really he's cleaned himself up a little bit more like the Slade Wilson that we know from the Connex Yeah and e- cy mix a really good slade Wilson. He looks very formidable edible. you know he's got the. Oh go tease. He has gray hair so we finally get to have a stroke with gray hair. I'm so happy that I think that white hair yeah because with arrow they had used you know destroyed yeah with man have been any character yeah breath and that's a great actor. I loved him in Spartacus but I think they went. I think the new costume looks good yeah so they because they didn't want to do a direct copy of what was an Arrow so I thought it's close enough to the the comic series I yeah I I think he'll be a very interesting foil to this series yeah obviously the detro- can and Arrow and the de stroke here and titans even though they're both Berlanti productions they're not the same death stroke exactly heightens at Titans in in that's probably why we're not gonNA see the titans in the crisis on infinite earth unfortunately is that they seem to be in different continuities but but how cool would that have been right but but here you know this is a much more if you're fan of of the classic Wolfman Perez era and you know that you know district from that era and you know that he was essentially the new teen Titans arch enemy in such such a good balance always it was great as to see him there and and so it's I think he signed Morales. You know it was it was inspired casting but it works and he seems just to be doing a good job so far so we'll see I agree and in the looking forward to seeing what he does but he seems like a much more calculating death stroke than Aeros death stroke is yes absolutely and more in line with the comic right exactly you know much more methodical which I kind of like down in subdued not so you know over the top yeah all right topic number four secret journey so we had darkness every little the things she does is magic every breath you take and secret journey there obviously all police things. Most of them are from ghost machine. The police is is fourth album but ahead throw every breath you take in there because it fits so well with the stroke being kind of stalking the titans watching TV so here. I WanNa talk about Bruce and Dick. Okay and I really like this conversation. I am I was going to be crushed rushed. If you didn't know because you know it was everything you want yeah you're right. I don't know if if Ian Glen would work in a Batman suit I don't know yeah but as early has the height and he has the jaw line in the bill yeah for it he could pull it off but he is obviously older and have him humic a great Dark Knight Returns Batman. Yes ask the affection he showing Bruce of Dick they're. They're talk the ease. They both share with each other. sharing the jokes you know. Dick saying not answering questions says Cryptic Dick and Bruce because he's all bruce being always cryptic. appreciated that he's like a cryptic well done. Ath- yeah exactly exactly I love. I love this conversation. I thought it was I mentioned this to my wife. Lorries were watching this that to me. It felt like one of the most adult adult conversations these two characters have ever had in the context of the media yeah in the comics or in movies or TV shows ever. It's like the actually sit down. They talked to one another like adults. They don't they don't try to elect. Bruce doesn't try to intimidate Dick. Dick doesn't get angry angry with Bruce. They sit down like adults in. Hash it out and we see how Dick has changed even tells Bruce Hey look. I had this darkness darkness but I think I finally worked through. It and I wanted to blame you within also realize you were just I do what you thought was best to help me cope with Mike heartbreak and pain it was well done. you know when he talks about you know I have a favor right and bench. San Francisco and he's like Oh. You're going to do this again yeah and then he has the one dish heifers. You have one condition and then you hear Jason Jason. Okay See. I'm not thinking as a demotion listen. It's a reassignment relocation yeah so yeah so essentially so essentially condition was that dictate. Jason and make him part of the group to kind of as Bruce say he needs has some rough edges that need sanding by the way I think they redeemed Jason a lot at the very early when he's talking to Hank and dawn for he said I didn't it didn't end well with Dick and I I owe oh him right and I thought that was really well done. The show Jason He maturity is the wrong word but you know he he's. He's trying to be better see. I I see I got the I took that scene as Jason was telling Hank what he wanted to hear so so that Hank Witkin Tankan dawn would take him along. I I thought he was sincere. I thought he was optimistic. We'll wait and see we'll go doesn't matter Eh but you notice that on since we're kind of on the subject of Jason Really Quickly Him Hawker obviously butting heads he had hawker her budding heads throughout most of this episode and Jason's attitude is like you like me and Hawkins like Never GonNa Happen so so obviously probably by the end of this season hop will say that he likes Jason. Presume get and I think he already feels a little bit when he said not gonNA happen there. There's some nice chemistry with all the titans yeah. I think they're the reason obviously those two characters but heads is there are just both alike very similar. They're both hotheads they're both cocky. So you know D- obviously that's that's kind of why why they they have that friction. Um Yeah so we kinda end with Dick bringing them out to San Francisco. They got this new location pretty pretty stylish new headquarters great said Great Living Living Living Room said yes I love the way and they saw the workout out room yeah of course Jason Finds The gym and I love the way the the youthful enthusiasm awesome yeah of Gar Jason running offing running through and looking at sea and they do I get the bigger bedroom and and just Rachel says that's not GonNa Happen Kiara aiming so so yeah I like this now i read somewhere one of the reviews of the premier said this was slightly a red con that the first season had implied that Hawkin indeed of where these kind of under the radar vigilance he's but oven. It's very clear that they were part of the tightness titans yeah so they wouldn't have they. They would have been a little more. Well known now remember. I pointed out when we talked about season. One was that there is this this photo in Hank's and on apartment yeah of Hank Dawn Dick and Donna together together yeah yeah so so they obviously knew each other right and so I if it's a if it's a slight red con- It doesn't matter doesn't matter slide. I think it's really nice that those four had a history and now than Dick is doing west coast titans two point. Oh Yeah I love it said San Francisco which is a great city a little bit different set so you know in in I think that's Geoff Johns is influenced by the way because he based his Teen Titans Ron in the West on the West Coast Okay and and then you know during the fantasy season the fantasy episode Dick was living in California right exactly so yeah so yeah I they wrapped up everything really well and they set us up for I think is going to be a great season and for everybody wondering wondering what was that dedication at the end of the episode that was to warn appleby the special effects coordinator that died during filming presumably only during a special effects seen that went horribly wrong that was back in July Twenty nineteen so so they just kind of patron if you're wondering who that was that's who that was thank you. I was not sure who it was so that's very nice yeah so that's the guy that died during the filming the season okay okay all right. Let's move on favorite lines of this episode. I I did not write any that late at night. You have any you want to say yes. Did you notice that the only character that on the credits is Robin. They gave Bob Kane and bill finger. Yeah no one else did they give credit to. Did you see any I didn't that kind of really annoys me because especially with death stroke you know I think maybe there was a death stroke credit tomorrow. Josh Peres but I didn't see it yes there. There should have gotten if nothing else and so yeah they've been really titans is doom patrols and credit credit's there craters all over the place but titans for whatever reason doesn't in annoys don't. I don't know the only thing I I was very sad. I just never worked out a finger. Bill fingers daughter was at dragon con and I was hoping to try to go by her table and talk to her and every time I went by she wasn't there. I would have liked to talk to her. Yes she shamsher. She Scott some stories. Yes absolutely all all right favorite lines so Donna of once again surprised gets a lot of the best lines just amazing so the SAS. I love Sassy Donna that goes without saying I love Connor Leslie getting be because it gives Donna more personality I think and then she does then she has generally in the comics where she has personality but she's you know it's it's not as distinctive I think and as it is here Donna and Corey have a great exchange where they're trying corey's trying to blast through the force field to get into the house to fight you know to rescue. Rachel and Donna says okay now that she indica in there with some intergalactic demon. Maybe could try something that might actually work. Cory cory comes back like what Donna or were you hoping that the sheer force of your criticism would save her. so that's great yeah yes Donna's reaction to Jason Seeing Jason Todd for the first time where he's all swagger and coming up and like hey you know 'cause the Donna Corey were fighting. It makes his comment about hey. You know you guys could keep that up. I like that was that was looking. Kinda hot if something affect and Donna looks at him it looks over with disdain goes what the F. is that and what and why is it wearing. Dick's costume yes so I loved it. I love that she refers to Jason as it yes us as a thing another dawn inquiry exchange where Donnez where she's introducing Corey to hang don on. She has Hank Dawn. This is Corey Anders. She's an alien and then corey kind of gives her a look and she she goes what it's true. In Cory Cory kind of slyly goes you. You can put a little more love into that yes. I I liked that that was that was kind of funding absolutely and so hopefully we're. GonNa see some kind of sisterly relationship between Don in Corey this season. We'll see another donna line. Donna says you know as everybody kind of saying goodbye she goes you know maybe give us a heads up next time so I can do my I own my makeup. Your Demon Dad wasn't much for subtlety so that was good and lastly exchange between Rachel and Dick doc where Rachel kind of interrupt says as Dick's talking the corey and Rachel says another mystery and Dick says get used used to it lies a lot better with them and I should Rachel comes back and says that sounds like something Batman would say I like that until I thought that was good so oh I love the fact that Dick Actually was showing a sense of humor at the end of this episode. Oh yeah when he says are going to be Batman this time and he goes no superman man yep just kidding you know it was just perfect like he knew how to push a button that was great but but but you know he he's he's doing friendly way and yet just any loving and you know one of my criticisms and I'm sure a lot of fans. Criticisms of season one was that Dick Grayson was so angry and violence and just not like the Dick Grayson that we know and here in the at the the end of this episode. I think we finally get the Dick Grayson that we wanted from the start. I agree so it's almost like Dick Grayson two point. Oh yes angry sorry and hopefully that's. That's here to stay so all right which are waiting for this one. I really really liked this Oakland. I thought it was off to a great start. my slight nitpick is the actual as you and I have discussed. This probably would have better served at the end of last season right but that's picking..

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