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All good fingers crossed because i really feel hopeful anymore because i'm just confused about how government works hey why we're talking about being confused about how government works let's talk about local government for just a second because mayor bottoms has now named a search committee to help her fill the cabinet posts for city of atlanta and i find this almost almost as confusing as the government shutdown so and look maybe i'm going to be honest here i haven't followed city politics this closely in the past so and mayor reid was mayor for two terms so he didn't have to do this how many years ago when he got his reelected for the second time he may have done it when he got elected the first time maybe all mayors do this i don't know but she's a brought together a a commission of fourteen executives to head up the search for seven cabinet positions seems to me like instead of taking the time to vet fourteen executives to beyond the commission he could have just gone straight to the seven commissioners and better them i don't get it but this is classic government waste like once again really i do understand having boards and decisions but also what some of us have been thought about prior to the election i don't if you're atoms so confused i don't get it they case other some really impressive people on the list of these executives who are going to help keep lance bottoms as the left her her cabinet people so for example david abney the chairman and ceo of ups along with carol made a chief financial officer and executive vice president at the home depot there by the way two executives for one cabinet position so they've divided this up so two executives are teaming up together to help that the one person for the cabinet positions of those two david abney carol to mayor are going to be working on finding the general manager of hartsfieldjackson atlanta international airport douglas hurd sees the chairman and ceo of united distributors and shan cooper chief transformation officer at west rock will be looking for the chief procurement officer larry geller said from presence properties vicky palmer from cocacola bill roger from suntrust virginia hafner from the arts center keith parker my bud he used to run marta catherine ross from.

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