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There seems to be escalating fisher between the left and the right in the united states is it the same among chief executive officers of american companies here to talk about that and the consequences of these fishers is joe minarik senior vice president and director of research at the committee for economic development also former chief economist at the office of management and budget during all eight years of the clinton administration joe thank you so much for being with us you co authored a book last year sustaining capitalism bipartisan solutions to restore trust and prosperity in your conversations with executives do you get the sense that they are trying to foster more by pardon partisanship or if you've seen the partisanship sort of spread to the c suite we have something of a self selected audience i don't want to overstate this but the folks who engage with us at the committee for economic development believe in bipartisan solutions to the nation's problems i think that that however i think i can assert that that is fairly representative of the business community when you have problems in business they're not republican or democratic problems there are not republican or democratic facts they're not republican or democratic solutions business leaders tend to be focused at solving problems facing facts and coming out at the end with success and our perception my perception is that the folks i talked to are trying to find a way to solve the nation's problems well job interact minarik.

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