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Bob Kraft Hanjour spot crafts lawyers claim that police clearly violated the law when they secretly planted cameras inside orchids of Asia, the massage parlour Bob Kraft is getting handy officers in Boca Raton, which is a different city used secret cameras for similar massage parlor crackdowns at least twice once in two thousand seven once in two thousand fourteen and that those things they charge dozens of John's and Madame's so true makes you think how many times is this happened and what really constitutes a hand job. And how closely is someone monitoring these tapes, and how long are these cameras therefore how long somebody watching a camera pointed fucking rub and tug seat excuse me here for the front have. Have the front? Yeah. The Bax fine Bax fine lay on my back. But like the front the front special. Could you could you off in the front seeing these guys you have to watch them? Get get get a hand job. And I'm sure it's like a good angle because they need to see it. He's the face and everything. And so you see these guys at the fucking grocery store after watching them get handwrite all day at work. Could you imagine healthcare could your wants to do it for some the assignments watch meeting at the police station where they're like all right who wants to be in charge of the hand job division, like all hands. Go up all hands go up because you should be watching actually maybe doesn't sound. No jobs. They also get blow jobs. You're watching porn stars. You're watching like your neighbor. That's true. So many debts. Little get naked to give a hand fully. Well, I guess I don't know. I'd like the deluxe. Can you please also towel on? So like, how do they even know that these aren't betraying trained massage therapists is working out like an inner thigh strain, which everyone knows huge growth on your inner thigh. Yeah. Induces moans crew. State and federal pop like assist. State and mom state and federal laws present enforcement agencies from using secret cameras for investigations that are specifically linked to prostitution. So that's the shoes and begs the question was the Jupiter. Police departments warrant legal because they were also investigating the possibility of human sex trafficking with women who were brought to the US from China the sex. So, but that's that's the argument that crafts lers making crafts is really putting up a fight to beat this misdemeanor. He's just not letting go. This is no new thing in Florida though, because in Hallandale Hollywood and other cities cops even gotten naked and warm wires and used undercover techniques to plant cameras so got a sample. You know, got good. Sometimes those videos are inconclusive. Now that is a job that assignment meeting that everyone is raising their hand for how do you explain it to your wife? I'm going under cover to be the hand job guy to be the recipient of the front moves. You gotta be single. I think to get that. That's a single man. Not tonight. I busted four parlors today. Yeah. In other news. There's a rumor that Robert Kraft Hanjour videos, in fact, up for sale and this came to light after filing upon beach County Circuit Court, alleging the publisher of the blast dot com..

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