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I r so obviously he's sticking around and the fact that he wasn't on my is a good sign that he'll be able to return and be able to play on monday night. Cory littleton going to be looking for a bounce back year after having after struggling coverage last year i think he can be the greatest coverage linebacker. The future hopefully. Hopefully he can figure that out. Because that's been a spot for the raiders that has been a weak spot for a long time coming denzel perryman. I'll be honest. The cagey right. Makes the perryman trade a little bit more head-scratching unless quick calc- isn't ready to go perryman is going to be a backup player at least start the year. Who knows. maybe we'll enough taken over. divide diablo. He obviously was banged up a lot during training camp and he looked pretty bad against the forty niners but it is a new position for them. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to grow. But i think his his future with the rangers is in the future and not necessarily in the presence. I wouldn't be. I would be shocked to see him. Playing a lot of significant minutes for the raiders this year. And if he is that probably means there's a lot of injuries going on again learning a new position and whatnot coming from the transition from college the nfl. That's a lot to take on as a rookie. So i don't know how much we'll see that guy. When the regular season starts and ascertain amuse you know. I keep talking about how how much growth. He's gone through the last few years. But i do think the signing of right. Kind of means. The raiders aren't really sold on what muses bringing to the table and that's understandable again learning a new position. This is basically his first year of live action. You know us obviously on the team last year but missed all the whole season with an injury. So i think the future's bright from us like diablo. He has a future on the team. It's just unfortunately not going to be right now. And then as far as the practice squad goes in any cuts max richardson's on the practice squad but i'll be honest. I'm not quite sure what he's doing on their the raiders. Seven linebackers on the active roster. If you count the guys that are on. I are so. I think it's gonna be a long road to the fifty three man roster from max. Richardson and i think he probably has a better chance. Getting picked up by somebody else that he does. Plan for the raiders. Moving onto safety. And i think probably the news had raider fans most upset this week was the decision ended up cutting karl-josef now look i'm karl-josef josephine too. I was hoping it would have worked out. I thought he had a chance to compete for a starting spot. What it's tough to compete when you're injured and you have a long injury history and then we're starting to talk about a backup role for you and again if you're injured a lot we can't rely on you to be available in bieler anyone. We need a backup. So i think that's ultimately what ended up leading to his release. I mean if we go back and look at john gruden's history we know yes doesn't have a lot of patients for injuries so i really think that plays a huge factor in it. It's unfortunate he ended up signing with the practice squad. Wishing the best of luck. You know once a raider always raider just wasn't meant to be over in radio land for karl-josef this year as for the other guys on the roster. I think the biggest surprise that a lot of people didn't see coming including myself was rodrick. Teamer ended up making the team and then down love. It got cut and then got re-signed just like how derek carrier did so. The raiders are going to end up rolling with five safeties with trayvon. Mary john neighbor entire gillespie. I think mary will be honestly the best player at the group. I think he probably right. Now is the best player even though he is a rookie. Abram is a huge year for him. You know he's gonna be it's gonna be your three. I know a lot of people like to use the excuse of last year that being his rookie season and i get that. But guess what we need to see. A lot of improvement this year from then tyree gillespie. I think he has a great opportunity to contribute a rookie especially as for being fifth rounder. I think he can play a little bit of both spots. And i think the raiders are gonna run quite a bit of diamond nicholas year which means he should have extra opportunities and then there's levitt who's going to be the special teams guy again. I've talked about before. I don't know how much value he brings to the defense but eh he six around and he apparently has apparently one gruden's guys so as for teamer. I think it'll be somewhat similar to gillespie he can play both spots both the free and the strong safety and i think he'll mix in a little bit and i know he's one gus brad. These guys haven't played for them in the past and gruden seems to love is feistiness and whatnot. I think victoria for even tweeted out. You know everyone slept on the guy that was starting all those fights and down in la. So i grew loves that feistiness and that fire from his players. So i think that's a big part of why he made the team and i think this end of being a strong root for the raiders. One position group. That i thought it was a little worried about heading into the season and i do like the guys that they ended up keeping around so be a fun position group to watch all right. We'll end things talking about the quarterbacks and the biggest thing i have to say is the youth movement is taking over in the raiders. Defensive backfield obviously you have. Casey hayward has been around for a while but after that is trayvon mullen. Who's going to be in your three. Damon are net. Who's in your to amac robinson year. Two and the nate. Hobbs is obviously a rookie. Those are the guys that are on the roster right now nevin lawson of poor suspended for the first two games of the year and i honestly think the raiders are going to take these first two games of the season to kinda see where nate haase's at and then kind of make a decision on lawson i would i think if everything goes to plan loss. Play another snap. But if nate hobbs ends up struggling if you know he doesn't show he did in the preseason then they at least have that insurance policy in lawson if that does come to be but hopefully hopefully lawson won't be around for week three and beyond but we'll see what happens over there as far as the practice squad guys go. The raiders signed jordan brown. Robert jackson and monterey harper madre harper was obviously on the raiders. Practice squad last year until the new york giants pluck them off of it and ended up playing in a few regular season games for the giants. Last year i'll be honest. I didn't catch too many giants games last year. I try to avoid the nfc's as much as possible with how bad that division was. But i think. Moderate harper played pretty well for the g. men up there so excited to see what he can bring to the table..

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