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I was a big rashawn Gary guy. People are gonna be like, God, this guy's such a freaking packer's Homer. It's disgusting. But if you go back and look, I had a video before rashawn Gary was a packer. It was like the hate's gone too far in rashawn Gary. And I was a huge Jordan love guy as well before the draft. So just want to clarify that. But yeah, yeah. You don't like him because they're packers you liked them before. Right. So rashawn Gary, who didn't have like this crazy level production, but was this great athlete was actually getting a lot of hate before the draft. People were saying he was like a second round guy. And I was like, well, he has really good traits and he shows flashes where he just like, he lands his hands inside and it just he overwhelms offensive tackles. He's got those dynamite hands where he hits that bulrush and there's nothing to tackle can do. And it's the whole converting speed to power thing, which he does really well because if you can four sequels, what does it mass times acceleration or whatever it is? That's converting speed to power. So that's why I really liked rashawn Gary, who everyone's comparing Trayvon walker two because I think a lot of people missed on rashawn Gary and now they want to be right about Trayvon walker. But when I watch Trayvon walker, I just don't see that same the same flashes where he's got his hands on you and he's dominating the rep. He's very good at like shedding blocks. He's going to be a really good run defender. He has strong arms, but he doesn't he can't match his lower half with his upper half. If that makes sense to create this like dominant bull rush. So I'm just a little bit lower on walker. I think George's scheme was kind of weird and they always had him in like a contained rush all the time..

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