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The game. It just sounds after fifty four years to go out that way. To me that's disappointing, go back to the phones. The red schedule is out and bit by bit. We learn a little bit more. John is on seven hundred wwl John. They Lance and thank you. Thanks for calling. A I. You almost wonder if that guy is just maybe i. mean and again he's advanced in age. So you kind of wonder if it's just one last chance. One last give it to everybody one more time, and and all that so I give them a little bit of a break on that, but I want the one thing I do that does frustrate me. A little bit on the analytics is just the the the ability for guys to just sit back and not put the ball in play swing from their heels on every on every swing and strikeouts. Go Way up, and that's the part that frustrates me about analytics I, I I guess I'm a little bit old school with putting the ball in play and moving runners and that kind of stuff, but I understand all the other parts of and all that type of stuff John. John you raise a great point and I think once there's a counter it'll help that because the reality is right now whether we like it or not Ottoman I. Don't like it as much. The reality is in the game today with pitchers dominating so much the number the percentages say it's going to be almost impossible to stern together three hits in an inning to get a runner home. The odd say the home run is better play for the home run. That is one run automatically when so until the odds tilt the other? Other way, and whether that's rule changes, or whatever right now pitching is so dominant in the game teams look and say. Can we really string together three hits in an inning or or two hits a button? Everything else, and they say the odds will indicate right now. If we swing from our heels, we'll take the home run or the strike at the end result, and that saddens me, but something has to count. Something has to happen in the game to counter at the other way, and that may be rule changes or be. I don't know. Maybe it's taking something away from the pitchers to even things out and I don't know what that's going to be ultimately. Yeah Yeah and I think one thing to add onto that I think one of the rationales to is that you have enough mediocre to bad pitching in baseball that a lot of people say hey, look we can. We can be halfway decent if we just try to hit as many home runs. Yes, we can, but unfortunately, if we see a lot of time, those teams get into fo season or down the stretch, and as we know good pitching, and usually wins out and the one team that did kind of the tables all been almost hate to say it because people get fired up about this, but the Astros. Astros a few years ago was a team that kind of put the ball in play and kind of did things away now they did have some guys that could hit home run, but they also kept their strikeouts way down and put the ball played, and usually those things are kinda contagious so i. don't know if that would kinda start turning things, but anyway just real quick dealing on the Scheduler I'm really excited about it, and unfortunately you're going through the schedule and talk about all the records of the teams. All here we go I can read get off to a great start. You're going to play. Well. We haven't beaten anybody. You all. Don't give them any ideas that I can tell inundated on Xtra ratings with those calls. Man. Playing anybody talking about. Thanks John Good talking to you. That idea yet some point, an extra ratings, they'll break from the gate, nine and one well. They've beaten the Tigers and the OH. No but I think John made a good point about trends and it becomes. It's always a copycat league. Joe Madden over the weekend. The angels manager said he wonders he wonders what the extra inning rule the way it is if we don't see more of an infusion of bunting. The hit and run and the stolen base, perhaps at least in extra innings, we'll head down the stretch. We gotTA Hustle on this date in reds history to close it out. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred wwl.

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