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Go nowhere. Let's get the latest news now for many king in the KFI newsroom. The metro board of directors. We'll take a look at adding fees and regulations to ride share drivers and riders in LA county Jaber was safer streets. LA says is nothing more than an attempted money. Grab by politicians just going to take money out of people's pockets. It's just another tax on the regular people were trying to get around and just live their lives. Metro officials say the extra revenue generated by a tax on companies like Uber and Lyft could help ease. Traffic congestion and pay for highway and transit projects ahead of the two thousand twenty eight LA summer Olympic Games. Authorities have arrested a man suspected of kidnapping and killing his wife whose body was discovered last month in Mexico Riverside County. Sheriff sergeant Steve Bros. Says the woman was reported missing from her Rupa valley in January. The body was found February fifth more than a thousand miles away in Nuevo in north west Mexico. The woman's husband Juan Carlos Lopez Alvarado was arrested in her Rupa valley thirteen days later on suspicion of first degree murder. The California Department of Justice is paid more than a million dollars to employees who claim they faced sexual harassment or work place retaliation while presidential candidate. Kamala Harris was the state attorney general the LA times reports the case involved alleged allegations made from twenty eleven to two thousand seventeen Harris's spokesman says Harris didn't know about the cases which were handled. By the Justice department administrators but says as head of the DOJ at the time, she takes responsibility. Teachers and the Oakland school district of struck a deal to end a week-long strike the school district announced yesterday teachers will get an eleven percent salary increase. Plus a one time three percent bonus. Oakland's three thousand teachers walked off the job February twenty-second to demand higher pay smaller class sizes and more school resources. Teachers are expected to vote on the agreement. Tomorrow. The future stars of football have convened in Indianapolis for the NFL combine quarterbacks receivers tied answering the spotlight today. Running backs offensive linemen and special teams players took the field yesterday. Oklahoma state running back Justice hill posted the fastest time in the forty yard dash in his group the final day at the combine is Monday some problems in east fail on the fifteen. That's right. The fifteen.

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