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The golf course and that's i think it'll back in my day my putting is getting much better my short game is still really pretty good but back in the day didn't matter you know look at david spangler in our saxon dave headed all over the world was a great ball striker could hit it really solid hit it all over the world but got up and down from everywhere and at some point you just throw your hands up and you're like i can't beat this guy gets up and down from everywhere and that's weird because like this last week and we had a ryder cup event at our place and i felt completely opposite i was playing to guys like playing to fruit chews there was no avenue for escape you had to make those miraculous get up and downs and things just a scratch out on the whole because they were hitting in the center of the fairway senator the green two putts and to me because i'm not the great ball striker but i consider myself a very good potter i felt like i was having to make twelve and fifteen footers just to have holes and stand a chance so i almost feel the opposite because i'm burned by that guy like because i'm used to looking at fruits all the time gone kind is born can he just like house rocket one just one time hit it over to green or come up like to clubs short or something i mean do something now the owner it's boring and it's tough to play that opponent did just the opposite of michael where where's you down from being consistent fruits apparently europe you're boring opponent you don't mind being barring opponent that way do you know but i've changed because when i was back when i could play the game i wasn't the greatest ballstriker a long way but it wasn't always work with wanted input what i could get it up and down like we were talking about like spangler where i was i was very good getting it up and down ren green and now i hit the ball way better than i used to i don't hit it near as long obviously but more solidly than i used to but i just don't make as many putts anymore you know it's an interesting dynamic to that is that guys that are really good at a writer on the greens getting up and down one of the reasons that really good is because they're in the situation a lot seriously you practice and you begin to the whole imagination side of his oh i remember when i similarly i missed a lot of greens i know where i speak to put a a decent number on a scorecard so let's talk about tiger michael i in this one he shot around sixty five and sixty six five hundred and four hundred respectively in two of the four rounds of this turnament i've been saying that once he demonstrates the ability to go low then he's competitive again is he crossed that line yeah he's getting he's getting much closer for sure a just getting into red numbers and shooting in the sixties is just getting more confidence every single day he stills kinda stutters a little bit in the beginning.

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