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Him up let's fill the board seven one three two one two K. A. T. R. H. you know and I know that you know that you know and I know that they know everybody's getting their Christmas trees in but it's kind of interesting to you go by some mass merchandisers you can definitely go buy some grocery stores and already see how dried out many of these trees are because when they got delivered got off the trucks they got put into the stands but people forgot to put water in the stands and frankly once you get a tree in from a tree for you should make a cut on it anyway so we'll start drinking water like immediately and profusely drinking that water so the places that have the freshest Christmas trees they do this and then right before it leaves their place for you take it home those live Christmas trees will be cut one more time so they will drink plenty of water and stay really fresh for a good mark you know what to worry about them losing all their needles two weeks before Christmas is really that's usually the case and so what happens when you get it from a grocery store a big box store or mass merchandiser when you go to the independent nurseries and garden centers like the Arbor day they got their shipment in just Tuesday was it Tuesday or Wednesday I think it was Wednesday yes because they got all the trees up Thursday and then we went picked ours out on Friday which is yesterday that's how I know this so if you wanna go see some of the pressure trees possible and they got some big ones this year I mean I'd I'd look like it I was like man looks like you've got way more big was well yeah I special ordered big ones they look so good last year we decide we want more the big ones this year so those of you have like huge ceilings you know yeah fourteen fifteen sixteen foot tall ceilings and even more you want that big almost as storing a half stop Christmas tree when you get to the Arbor day they got so much going on over there am I was just mesmerized by all the color they have all these combinations of color in pots you cannot go wrong with those they will last all the way through the winter around here they will teach you what works through the winter color.

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