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Um we'd we talk recently you told me something it i'm a tricky say out on the record um about some some of the as some of the things you're asking you're editorial staff to do to adapt to the new reality have terms of costcutting you've talked about photo shoots can you talk about the well i i think that the nature of the business on benefits from a greater scale ingrained making each piece of contact where carter so let's look at uh the lessons from other media forms a k so if you have a friend who works in the movie business the they'll tell you if you if you met him or her at the premier they'll tell you wear that content will be in one years in two years of what form and how the monetize wreck has it works that long as they can sell it in four or five or seven different forms it's all the same thing all the same thing in a change of screens from the back of your seat and jetblue to your hotel room to on it goes rai all falling very predictable path in fact a friction comes from people want to break the window right uh but it now and for the most part their monies made over long perry to time so the amortize the cost of creation over years right i think the this was a year or two ago but i read the article that the most watched film on netflixing the time was shocked schenk redemption okay people are will runs on turner andrea every day so uh and uh the what we've done in the magazine businesses we have always taken those lessons to heart where as we think about the creation of the content and we think about it over time it's it's almost like the film producer who figures will will debut it on a.

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