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For details let us kick it off with let me kicking off with this guy ozzie in woodbridge the leadoffhitter the ricky anderson threaten more than ever what's up baby you know crowd we love this time of year more than you do who's that your wife was acts i'm gone you're correct it's not nice even though i predicted that would be what you say she misses me jackie just texted me how much you misses me so you know what maybe we've got a solid marriage their us your son and her probably running around the house right now yeah yes number one in a car manufacturer where you're touch and the money a little bit already talking about tanaka or two or three yes i said if the yankees past minnesota i can't say that i preface date with it if you add boomer in the morning he talks about the money well he talks about the one shift in period one game at a time every talking about one sector 1 maybe there one hour at a tire with that cricket thing he called the morning all come on recco gni they've done a fantastic job teaming with burma who you kidding no comment it's like uh well listening to paint dry and go jews said merab said that as a guy who takes himself as funny that you haven't gotten that phone call to fill in with bomber you're hoping for the boomer an osce show you haven't gotten that call yet you're old jealous our wacky would call me and iraq shot at one shot poor little hour one shining moment varazzani where they are but uh i stayed up wave where i i don't know you did it your watch for you at what faye i watched highlights this morning because i could not stay up uh it's better prepare why not f pitfall learn noah's lay untainted guy like baker may field and you watch quarterbacks of the college level in urine press and you say hundreds guys pretty good and for whatever reason babies 'cause i'm not enough froze scout the scalps don't see the same stuff i don't think it's fair to bury sam darnell and it really isn't just last night against washington in state yadav fumble in this game that i think ended at he threw it interception it did rushed for two touchdowns and i think in the.

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