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How you valuate problems in relationships is probably the most important thing, you can do to really gain some freedom to choose your, life course. So we're talking about your future book. But let's focus on what's already out there. Let's make sure that everybody knows that what's available now. Because you said before we came on live that it's a great story that connects to what we're talking about today. What is the give me the title of the book again? It's course correction of is that correct? That's right. Oh, gosh. What is the subtitle? Is author. Let's just stick. With course. Correct. Correct. It's in the show notes that bold linked to that. Really? Of course correction is a memoir that it's a coming of age story that starts with my quest to really starts with my fallen in love with Ryan the first time I saw rowing shell and takes me to age forty. And basically intertwines my athletic pursuits with my own search for like who am I? And what what how am I going to be in the world? So it's a lot about family and love as well. I won't do any spoilers here. But it goes pretty deep into what it's like to learn to row not from a real technical place. I'd like to think that it's a more literary book than a than a step-by-step book. But if you're for people who are interested in the history of women's rowing or sports, if they're interested in one person's very personal story of what it took to become an Olympian. They're just interested in human interest stories, right? Those are all reasons to read it, and as you pointed out earlier people give up too soon, and your I mean, your persistence or flat-out stubbornness. To not let those kind of hurdles, and I think that, you know, for people that were like, you know, what what is what is their inner strength. What is it that is going to keep them going when you're sitting on a bus freezing cold, and you know, have a twelve mile ride. You know, what are you going to do because you love it so much and your book is extorting extraordinary in all of that. Ginny. I am indebted as always for your insight, and it is always such a pleasure to chat with you. Promise. You'll come back and share with us this next book in project will even get your daughter on with you and have a wonderful thanksgiving. Thank you as well. Thank you so much for this.

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