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And he's only played eighteen games eighteen games since since last year you think about last season this season eighteen games so if you can trade anybody you have the trade him because that's the only way you can get pieces that can help you immediately so you can get guys that you can say okay i can trae syndergaard that can get somebody that can come help me now because now you have you got gotta you got one more year rephrase her you got two more years where bruce you still handcuffed and stuck with cesspits who hasn't who who's been who's on four teams in five years so i mean if he's such a great player in such a great clubhouse guy why of all these other teams given up on them so fast but you had to give him the the contract out you think that sing single handedly carry this team to the world series i just stuck the cloudy that's all i can say forecast cloudy mark and fairfield mark what's going on yes thanks for taking my call you know i don't even know where to start i've been a lifelong chance since nineteen sixty two if you know i'd like to start with out some life in the players are the myth how about when mental get chip three times that we have a little rumble on the field maybe that'll get some of the garage how 'bout mentioned the fact got hit and a handful and he's got the x rays were negative but so we're a lot of other guys i you know i like from degrom kind of in a little bit at the empire i mean about the strike zone on saturday night and you can see him so this is right this is what a gem this guy is he goes out he gives up three earned runs which he knows is insurmountable because now the team is so bad that he knows he's going to take another l and what does he say afterwards it was on me i didn't have anything i was garbage lindsay adler wrote this for the athletes said his garbage is other starters gold and he's still blaming himself that that to me is what what almost be the most maddening aspect of the weekend you have a guy in kershaw that is just count on a pitch count and just trying to knock the rust off and you have your you have your ac on the mound who is at his worst and he still gives you a great chance let me get rid of kashmiris and get.

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