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His role in the January 6th attack. Keep it here for full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. At one 18, it's traffic and weather on the 8s, with Mary de pampa in the traffic center. All right, Mark and things have gotten a little better back on the beltway. We're still delayed on the outer loop out of Bethesda to head into Virginia, both sides of the beltway in Virginia at mcclain before and after Georgetown pike actually 44, the work blocks the right lane. Now the outer loop slows from river road, the crash that was passed to George Washington Parkway clear from travel, the past that was the crash that was past the work zone clear from travel. So we're down to just the right lane block both directions. 95 in Virginia heading northbound slowing out of spotsylvania county through Fredericksburg the earlier wreck has officially cleared three 95 heading north out of the Springfield interchange to pass edsel road that is a work zone that blocks the right lane. In Maryland, Baltimore, Washington Parkway, two for Wednesday, running southbound out of jessup after one 75 a new crash followed direction there, and that's a filter to the original crash southbound after route 32, but units were still marked on seam. 50 the John Hanson highway hitting westbound are inbound the ramp that would go south to 95 was physically blocked by a tractor trailer that ran into the guardrail. Once on two 95 south, you've got work at eastern avenue and continuing south work at Pennsylvania avenue, both directions are both locations stay left. Sleep number, sleep next level, save 50% on the sleep number limited edition smart bed for a limited time only at sleep number store, buried upon the WTO traffic. 7 news, first alert forecast, Steve rudin, how are we looking? Look, it really nice as a move through the remainder of the afternoon, a nice mix of sunshine, although we still

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