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The latest from KOA NewsRadio durang goes city council is set to talk about homeless camps near the city's, cemetery in its meeting tonight campers are protesting city rules that require them to take down tents by nine. In the morning and leave the area until six in the evening. About three dozen people have relocated to the temporary campsite after being displaced by the four sixteen fire. North, of town, the herald, reports Durango does not have land that it's. Ready to designate a permanent campsite for homeless people Aspen. Snowmass village is already known for the discovery of mammoth bones. And soon it'll be known for, a climbing, wall of mammoth proportions as part of. The limelight. Hotel now under construction a fifty four foot high indoor climbing walls being built it will be surrounded by a five story glass structure the wall will become the. Tallest indoor climbing wall in Colorado it's scheduled to open in December a careless, driver's being, blamed for, an Accident at injured three Aurora. Water, workers investigators, say a, crew was working on a manhole near Potomac. And east second avenue when their vehicle was. Hit by a delivery truck the accident trapped two workers inside the manhole. A third was hit by one, of the, trucks involved in the crash Broncos rookies reported it to UC health training center today ahead of, Saturday's training camp opening among them undrafted running back Philip Lindsey who played it see you and graduated from south high school nine news Broncos insider Mike, cliffs saying he believes Lindsey could make the. Team he seems to be the fastest guy on the offense right now I think swinging him out. Maybe putting them, in the, slot you know. Case keenum show during the off season that he likes to dump off to the, batch he'll do a quickly the Broncos drafted two running backs this. Spring, one in the. Third round one in the seventh Rockies baseball..

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