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It did it's it's tough and iit was not in the mood for something quite that uh i hear off now yeah it is obviously the story from the great novel by margaret atwood it is a disturbing in uh drama uh slash thomas a horror movie in some ways now or a horror you know tale sure uh it's very tough thing to watch it's not the kind of thing you autry like oh this you know look forward to watching every night but it's so good and while made that it's almost required viewing i thank especially in this day and age uh it's amazing that this book was written in the mid 1980's although i guess it was written during the height of the cold war in the reagan administration chore so that's probably where that came from but all these years later its it seemed more relevant than ever uh starring elisabeth moss samir a wily joseph fines and you've on strahovski among many others it is a depressing and like no said it's a tough watch ultimately it is a great show though and dumb i believe they're furthering the story with the season to um and it just read last night savvy market out what isn't really making a much dow on this she had sold the film rights back in that either 80s early 90s and they made a pretty damn bad movie version of the handmaid's tale but when he so i mean she signed the paper but when he saw the right's like that it it wasn't for like a few years or if they make this it's forever i think i heard in.

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