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With me unintentionally. I didn't intentionally do it. But you know, what is this sound like one of those if anyone who was offended names? Okay. I apologize to you. I apologize to the speaker. I apologize to our staff here at the house, and I apologize to the public. I want you to know that. I'm sorry. Okay. You know what I'm all for good apology. But why now can I point out that he didn't apologize to the people? The affinity apologized to everybody. For saying it not for what he said. He apologize. The public. Okay. Let let's give one more. Let's because I want to be fair fares yesterday on the floor of the house in the Zona again, David stringer lawmaker apologizing for none of white kids. Don't blend issues that relate to race and ethnicity are very sensitive setting. You think I believe on reflection? I have a duty to apologize to you as my colleagues. He's apologizing to the state house. He didn't apologize to the black kids are these panics who don't get it. Anyway, that's another argument that like saying there's not enough white kids wasn't bad enough. Again, new racism is not knowing racist. Black people don't blend in this this this is racial issue. But Pamela, what this is a drop in the bucket. Why because we have to give credit to the Phoenix new times. The Phoenix new times got criminal court records from the state of. Maryland. Why are we talking about Maryland because David stringer now airs state Representative was charged with multiple sex offenses including child pornography when he lived in Baltimore in nineteen eighty three eight according to Maryland state court records. Okay. Okay. Okay. Hold on hold on. Okay. Hold on. Because my my knee jerk reaction to this is you've got to be kidding. Hold on hold on one charged charged charged. Was he convicted the record appears to show a Maryland court entered a judgment of guilt for stringer on three of the sex. Offenses the case history also shows that he was sentenced to five years of probation and was ordered to seek treatment at a well-known clinic for people with sexual disorders. The Baltimore circuit court case. Also lists of names of three of the victims. The new time said they attempted to reach the victims. But were unsuccessful they are not using their names. Obviously, they have attached a copy of. The criminal case history. Now, can I put this up? The record was expunged in one thousand nine hundred ninety does that mean just kinda deleted. Okay. The new times got a copy of it by accident. A detective in Maryland sent them microfilm is back in the day like microfiche film. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. By accident. And then asked back you'll get that back. Yes. You don't get that back. The state of Maryland asked the new time say because law prohibits reviewing and disclosing information from an expunged record your instructor destroy a return these immediately. The new time says we're not returning them. We're not destroying them. We're publishing good for them. Good for them. That's the way it should be. But I want to be a different David stringer. I don't think the new times we've gone with that. Otherwise, I can can. Okay. So he had three guilty charges. On three of the five charges got five years probation. Did he play guilty to kiddie porn? Charges child pornography? Yeah. Let's get point. So I want to understand right now. Neither of the child pornography cases lists a disposition. Meaning it's unclear how the court decided whether the court made a judgment. Okay. So on the child porn, he didn't plead guilty. I'm trying to figure out what the three charges. I mean. Like what I'm trying to figure out Bruce baseball. What do we have a racist? Guy who likes child porn, currently sitting in the state capital, representing the people of Arizona is that what we have it. Appears there is evidence to show that Representative David stringer was charged with child pornography. Five counts and pled guilty to three counts unclear what the three counts were because the record was expunged. And the only thing exists is some little piece of microfilm that the New York the new times got a hold of by accident because the state of Maryland said to them, and they weren't supposed to instill. He was indicted on five sex offenses. And a guilty plea on sex offensive entered a guilty plea. We don't know exactly what three and got five years of probation which included. Going through a a program at. Hopkins at the Johns Hopkins. Yeah. That that he had to attend. A would you call it a program the person who works there Dow services the director? Said that the diversion program. The sexual disorders clinic specializes in the evaluation treatment of patients with sexual disorders such as pedophilia voyeurism and exhibitionism. Other than that. I was the.

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