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Sell tickets some really big risks in doing what you had to do to make her dreams come true in I would like to think that I am capable of doing the same thing. But I'm gonNA just be real. I don't make great decisions all the time and I got enough trouble just being a black woman in America. You know. So not really a big risk taker over here but I wondered what my homegirl thought about taking risks. So we got together over the Internet because of cove it of course and I ask them. A big. Mistake. What's yours everybody? Technology. I mean I am always. Really. Just junk. Oh Wow, I mean when I was twenty five to. Kinda lift on amount in I had six hundred Canadian is in my bank total. Anyone I met people on the claim who ended up leaving with for a year. I didn't have any for. House the policy and they left me money. To live. So I am old about risk. Some of the best things in my life have been from just like hey. I'm looking at Brittany's face and she's lay. Off. This thing I like I will do it. I will take the risks with the whole time. I'm like Oh God, like I'd like, no one's making me do it right is all by my choice and I'm like, ooh girl. I'll know by this decision are like Oh. This doesn't feel good I. Don't like it looks like I'll do it. I'll be complaining the entire time my head like my head is very much like girls I'll do this but like my gut is like Press forward, there's a way. When I look back over my life like they're really big rift that I've taken. But like I will stay in the house for I don't know how many days if I have a feeling that like somebody's outside who? Try to set me up or somebody. Try to kill me back me house. You know what I mean. So I guess the way that I'm thinking about lake risks because there's the risk of doing something big that will enhance your life and the risk of like going zip lining which. I don't know maybe I can be here question but what I know about myself. When he says. The.

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