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Was like, wait a minute. That's the name nobody can ever forget once you repair it. Exactly. That was the deal, baby. Would this be okay? People what? Bruce speaker, nobody can forget that. So that was a, that was the gift. Right there. And I had to get creative and then the barber should stuff came along and decided to get real creative. Because I mean, that was a deal. Noise, I don't know, Barbara's never been a barber in our business. You know? And so it's like, okay, what can I do? All right. Well, every time I Russell, I'm a little sweet. Hair off. Flavor. Definitely never happened in our business before. It hadn't really happened since. The type there was a lot of guys who are not happy. They got that haircut. My favorite place, thanks, thanks for walling. You put the guy in his sleeper and he'd be out he shaved his head and then all you had to do is just hit him here. And he would wake up. And he realized he has no hair. No. It's just a one forearm to the chest. Could wake up any guy that he put to sleep? Like that? All right, so you mentioned how that you were accessing Doug, but did you have the two by four did you have the USA? Did you have the help? That's a big thing about it if you're going to be a gimmick. You want to pick the right gimmick, you know. I said, I know I wasn't going to be handsome Jimmy Duncan. That wasn't going to work. But I did. I did start off as a big Jim duggan. And that didn't work. So I wore a mask and I wrestled as a convict. That didn't work. For a change that I was wildly in duggan and that didn't work. So I became hacked so I noticed quite a four year. Out of 40 years ago about 35 of them I was hacksaw, but the two by four, you know, back in the day, it was before sports entertainment. You think it's fake? You shine away when you come up in the ring. So if you are here, the people really hated you. It was dangerous. You know, just walking out through the ring to heals would all walk out together, walking back and forth to fill the ring to people with spit at you and a bunch of kids. So they just have a little string barricades, right? So why am I not like West Texas City back in the dressing room all covered with movies and bruises? We think in my career choice. It was a broken coat that Brody company goes. Goldie comes in and goes. He says you need a carry something to the ring, carries something you can use. Forget those feathers and sequin rolls. So I'm sitting in this national dressing room like well. Here's a piece of wood. And I think I'll go waving at two by four. It was like part of the Red Sea, didn't people scatter. I got the ring light. This is great. And one time I got a big splinter, my thumb, you know, big band. It's a wrestler's joke. Come on. So you talked earlier in my year on the road for 40 days and how does your lives change being in WWF after working regional territories for such a long time? And they see that the boom period being on television that probably things went really difficult after that. Well, one of the things that changed for me, particularly, I had just gotten married in a week later, I started with WWE, WWF. So the only time I got to really see my wife, my new bride, I had to bring her on the road with me, you know? And what she liked she was born in California, so she liked going out there like building in New York, Chicago, seeing the big cities. So that was a huge difference. And at the time we didn't have any kids, yeah. So she was able to travel with me and that was fun. We enjoyed that. Just pretty much

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