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News and information updates from KLIF He was the first sitting member of congress to. Endorse Donald, Trump for president today US attorney Jeffrey Berman says. He's charged with insider trading today we, announced criminal charges, against Christopher Collins a United States congressman Congressman Collins is charged with insider trading and lying to the FBI the defense has ended its cross examination of, Rick gates in the tax and Bank fraud trial of former Trump campaign, chairman Paul Manafort the world's two biggest economies are going tit for tat in a punishing trade dispute between the US and China today China reciprocated US. Tariffs imposed yesterday with more tariffs against US made goods a South Carolina teenagers pleaded guilty. To trying to. Fight, for the Islamic state group, nineteen year. Olds to carry a Abdeen faces twenty years in prison the Dow down sixty one s and, p's down to in the NASDAQ down three points I'm Mike moss hi this NFL hall of? Famer Fran. Tarkenton, and one thing. I know is this there's a time to play offense anytime to play defense which. One should, you be doing when it comes to your money. Tune into the plain talk no worries, financial our with, Rick Foster for commonsense, strategies to help grow and protect your savings listen every Saturday at three pm right here on? K. l.. I., f. by seventy Traffic in Dallas loop twelve northbound that offramp to singleton. Boulevard still blocked with an. Accident scene also I thirty westbound is the ramp to six hundred five LBJ left lane still blocked with an accident another accident reported through Dallas I forty five southbound approaching Lamar street left lane. And right lanes are blocked and construction on west Lupe twenty northbound at Clifford..

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