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Mission, visit navy federal dot org ensured by NC UA. 9 28. Traffic and weather on the 8s to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. Ballet delays remain will start in Maryland top side of the beltway out of loops throwing for 95 to George avenue, delays again three 55 toward old Georgetown road, but we are heavy, leaving the southbound spur pacing proves once she gets out the river road. There have been some activity in Virginia off the legion bridge down near the George Washington Parkway sitting safely on the right shoulder. Inner loop south of town remains slow branch avenue off and on, headed down toward the Wilson bridge. You're going to find the broken down tractor trailer on the outer loop topside hat, George avenue blocking the far right lane. There have been reports of Iraq and Rockville on 28 west near two 70, two 70 itself looked good out of Frederick. You'll slow though, getting toward the bottom end of your montrose road to get onto that southbound spur. Watch in Virginia on the beltway. We've got delays out of the Springfield interchange on the interloop up toward Braddock road and two 36. One went over the stone wall, north on the George, Washington Parkway before the key bridge follow police direction, the wreck closing 15 in Aldi, both directions between new road and old Carolina road, follow police lead in chantilly 28 north after Braddock road staying left past that crash in the district still slow on D.C. two 95 south toward east capitol street, a delay on the freeway, leaves the 11th street bridge headed toward the third street tunnel. You'll find M street between 33rd and 34th closed in northwest, demonstration ongoing there. Also tenth street, which is one way south, had been blocked at Massachusetts avenue with a fatal pedestrian investigation. Attention contractors and technicians, northeastern supply is opening in beltsville around the corner from MLK middle school. Visit northeastern dot com for your plumbing, HVAC, water systems, and PVF needs. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. All right, let's check out the forecast here with chuck bell. Eventually, The Rain will come to a stop. That happens sometime late this morning or early this afternoon and remain mostly cloudy the rest of the day, but a

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