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Shifted against him. Andy did to hit it very hard. Andy still got it through. So now the dodgers really have something going David freeze comes up freeze having walked already in this one. Two on nobody out one. Nothing giants. But the dodgers their first real threat. First time they've had a runner in scoring position. And it comes with nobody out. First pitch. David freeze is hit fouls straight back out of play. That was just a fastball right out over the plate. Freeze. I believe would like to see that one again. David freeze hitting two old five. He had some terrific at bats against the giants in the series down in L A first week of the season. He has not really hit much since then. He is taking a lot of walks, and he's taken one already tonight. Muncie left handed hitter on deck the Owen outside with a fastball. Comrades. Oh, he's his finish to these pitches. In his in his stumbling, I can't tell whether that's he's gotten a little bit out of whack mechanically and his balances a little off kilter, or if he's just frustrated at the end of making these pitches, and so the body language just kind of makes it look that way. Here's one one. It is occurred for a ball. Now. That was well thrown. But not a strike two in one. Close. Turner, the runner at second Ballinger with very good speed is at first. We're in the fourth inning. This be pitched number sixty four for drew Pomeranz. Here's the pitch freeze takes a curve inside three and one tried to get the bullpen going, which is interesting. But I think Bruce Bochy has just decided here with. Some of his starting pitchers with a deep bullpen that. He's going to be more aggressive with his pen. And Pomeranz is really fighting with his command right now after walking Turner and not be real close with most of those pitches. He's behind freeze three and one. He comes to the plate freeze fouls. Fastball back to the screen three and two. And I one was well located pitch toward the outside. Didn't just groove one their full count three and two. Is a very big moment. Still early in this game. One nothing giants. But the dodgers building a rally to on no outs and a full tout to their first baseman tonight. David freeze. Trevor got is up in the giants bullpen. Three two. Here's the pitch. From pomeranz. It is swung on and foul tips. He just got a piece of the curve. Barely. But enough to stay alive. That was good curb all. Comrades will do it. Again. He comes that. Another three to pitch is hit foul off his foot. It rolls out to Pomeranz. And he went to feel the ball but freeze founded off his foot or his leg. She'll take a moment and walk it off. Saturday may eleventh. So when we get back home after this next road trip first thirty thousand fans, get let Pablo pitch bobblehead, courtesy of Chevron. It's the giants and the reds a six oh five star time on Saturday. The eleventh tickets available at as giants dot com. Three and two comrades to the plate threes hits a high fly. All right veal carrying pretty well douger is back. He'll turn around look up. It's off the bricks Duggar will play the carom freeze is going to have to David freeze. They're saying home run breeze. Watch the unpire and the buyers signal homerun. The giants wanna look at it for now. That's a three run opposite field home run. I thought it hit the bricks not the little roof of the wall. Maybe I didn't see it. Properly took a hard. Caroline came. Right. Back.

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