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And had to use it I can't see everybody selections I would read them finally got him Morgan number two has Barbie hot wheels and Plato yeah Raymondo has LOL surprise ball nerf gun intend to switch your interesting there's a class there of themes Raymond is pretty new and Morgan number twos is pretty old school novelty I've legos teddy Ruxpin cabbage patch kids Amy has Mister potato head tickle me Elmo and Game Boy let's Bucks as GI Joe bicycle and super soaker and Eddie has my little pony beanie babies and care bear since right now what we'll do is we'll put him all of the body's own dot com all good ten minutes and you go and vote for your favorite team don't just look at your favorite one because easy draft first round I guess your favorite team and pick the person you think should be the one okay there we go and they forget Jordan Davis singles you up Bobby on show yes I had a step you can't eight seven seven seventy seven body eight seven seven seventy seven by and the only first the only he when.

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