Patten Ilham Oko, Lamarche, Melville discussed on The Projection Booth Podcast - Episode 334: La Marge (1976)


I want see more interesting above is that patten ilham oko was the very first spell which saw hacking brothers produced an lamarche was the last uh i don't think it was pond that way but it really does trying to give a at a different kind of residents to that so the whole sequence not sane and i love that that shows up i mean i know earlier we talked about how american showers particularly any sang associated with crime or gangster movies have this emphasis on violence but there is this really rich tradition of french gangster obese i mean certainly through somebody like melville but these sort of 30s showers i think kind of connects to the same tone will march has uh certainly in a different way and without with moon maybe more of a mella dramatic contacts rather than a sexual one but just this sort of picture of urban paris and working class paris and people sort of driven to these emotional extremes and the ways that they tried to get themselves often fatalistically out of those situations i i think it sort of adds another layer to what you mentioned earlier daniel abou how lamarche seems to capture so many different times at once it's like this is it a tiny window into that the have this axime and he chases her through the subway system can't find her goes back up to his room and didn't you were talking earlier about objects and how important objects are an abrupt chik film and here we have the return of that telescope and that is what he's been using almost as a almost as a paperweight really to hold down the letter from his wife and we saw him very carefully he just read the one line from it earlier and then sealed up the entire envelope like he just doesn't want to deal with this and now it seems that he either is ready to deal with this or he has to deal with this and that's when he finally reached the rest of the letter and finds out that it's not just that his wife has died that she died because she threw herself off of a tower because their son had round so finely that swimming pool that.

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