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Awesome? Is it just because maybe you don't have all the ingredients that you need all your law? Because I would like to have it in my arsenal all year long. Yeah well the original intention was to create something as our response to the pandemic and to do some you know. A hundred percent of the profits go towards profit organization which is working defy pandemics called. Eko Health Alliance so one hundred percent of the profits. Go to that and you know once What's we've gotten through this? Hopefully sooner than later then we'll consider making it More than limited release. It is a art line and we sold out together. I can't wait to get it. You're already sold out. And so yeah but I wanna hear about the ECHO health alliance. Let's talk about them. What is this group? Do what of work are they doing? Yeah well they focused in on Ending pandemics through conservation of wildlife and wild areas so they're looking primarily at Different animals that have been known to spread disease like bats And they're working to conserve the areas there and and to keep those areas wild where where the bats that have been known again to to to create pandemics Just keeping that area safe and but they're great organization part of one percent for the planet which we are a member of as well and that means long. Yeah we give one percent of all revenue to environmental organizations that is really cool and it's so important and so necessary my ad so is there any story grades three about how you came to partner with this group? You know we We looked through the did list of over four thousand different dog profits that are part of one percent for the planet and they were the best aligned They were the one out of the four thousand that was focused on and And so it was a really easy choice for us with them And they're a great group of people Just brilliant brilliant scientists with a big organization based all over the world so Yeah that was the easy decision for us. That's that's pretty cool. I didn't know that there was a list of four thousand Companies that that All work together for a common goal like that. That in itself is pretty cool. So you so for people out there listening besides purchasing your community blonde either other ways listeners can get involved with the echo health alliance or other charities that you work with Getting involved with one percent for the planet is would be a great place to start It's an organization started by the founder of pedagogy launch inert. Yeah and and so- Patagonia and several thousand other businesses including ours is. We're all one percent of the planet members again. We we give one percent of all revenue not profits but all revenue environmental organizations and then those organizations are vetted by the by one percent and And so you then select from those two to donate to and and there are also individual members There in fact there are many many of them. People who dedicate one percent of their salary or their their yearly income there yearly whatever. They're bringing home. One percent of that goes toward these environmental groups. That's so cool I want to join. I WANNA I WANNA be part of the cloth thousand and one one of the planet. I think it's I think it's so such a great idea I do so you know. Let's talk about that for a moment. So what's next for net? I mean your products are truly amazing. And I've we you know we started talking about how and CBD before anybody else years ago. And I when I first experienced it and and and really experienced the benefits of CD boil and your products especially like the one with aren't in it for pain relief and stop the body. I absolutely love it and then some of the girls on the team also use your hormone balance. Can you tell us a little bit about the Hormone Balance Cd oil or have oil that you sell and what would work with a woman's body. Yeah it's really truly pout of we got a number of calls A couple of hundred inquiries from from from women asking whether or not CBD would help with hormones balanced and then he's and it does but we we decided we lean into it and create a product. Line that US not only CD but also other botanical like black cohash cramp bark and and and Valeria and botanical that have been used throughout time and across cultures to help with with menstrual es and Norma Balance and so any created a formulation for four different products. And and we wanted you know. We're all about creating natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals and we realized that there wasn't a great Wasn't a great remedy out there for humans who've been straight To take you know advil advil MIDAL. That's about it. So we wanted to create a natural alternative and and we spent ten months working on it and incredibly proud of it and all the women that worked on it Adrian I were to male founders and we realized we could research it to the moon but we would never know what it's really likes so the first thing we did was put together just amazing team of women around it. Yeah well I Have bought the period as before and I know that my youngest daughter really likes that one too It is because plants are we. We are part of the earth plants before pill they believe one of your slogan. I absolutely love that. Why would we do You know choose plants before pills. It makes perfect sense to be in sync with nature Because we were animals at the end of the day and we live on the earth with all the other animals and plants. And so I just I just love the creativity that that you An Adrian and the team of women that you work with have come up with an anti Miller. You know I'd love to meet all of you someday. I would. We would love that as well. We'd love does well and yeah it's it's a great team. You know we say plants before pills. There's definitely a place for modern medicine. Four pills but for most of us it's way down the road and and we've Adrian. I recognize that we've become far too quick to go. Goto handfuls of our pharmaceuticals which then leads to other handfuls. And and. It's the slippery slope that that's unnecessary when we have these beautiful plants and herbs that that nature has given us that That we can and should be using. Yeah anything else. You want us to know before we go to break. It's been really truly a pleasure to get to know you and the products a little bit better Because they're so innovative. They're just very innovative. And at the same time when you think of innovation think of technology but this is mother nature the best technology on the planet and I love that you guys are in sync with it. Yeah we're we're reconnecting with it and and our ancestors had ton of knowledge that we've kind of lost and we feel like we we've outsmarted it and that's exactly what we've done we've gotten too smart and And for many again any of the remedies that we need they're right there Growing in the ground and one other thing I want people to know is we've got a new We'll have batch to the immunity blend in tomorrow and so We have been out of stock. We sold out in just a couple of hours but that we we will have more coming tomorrow well and you price it so fairly. I have to say it's seventeen dollars a bottle and a hundred percent of the proceeds go To the EKO health alliance. I mean it doesn't get a more of a feel good product on a Lotta different Levels but you know what are the things that I wanted to mention too I forgot about? This is our bodies etiquette touchdown earlier just a bit but it really is the key to finding whole body balance isn't it it is it is it can happen to it system controls so many processes within the body and it's important that we see it very very important all right. Well thank you so much for jumping on the air with us today and again plants before pills everyone out there listening. It's been such a pleasure right. Thank you so much for jumping the with the day today and we'll talk to you. They're like you burn a bit. Take Care It's my pleasure. You take care to all right everyone. We've got Mary Holland. Coming up you're not gonNA WANNA MISS IT WE'RE GONNA be talking about. Do we want the trace actor? 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