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Songs. You should mix in a small handful of fluid sometimes a nice slow song a retro. Slow song you know what you're like about. The selection is classic tools. No man should be cussing in this out loud with windows down. Great song bill. There's a little kitsch factor with this one. It's still a great so this is a great song. There's no doubt about it. Like roll their eyes and slow dance together. Of course okay. Doesn't live in the iro in turn this shit up. Roll the windows down goddamn convertible this one of the grid songs. A great song. I agree. I personally prefer the willie nelson version. But i don't think people would like that as much at my wedding even though it's a faster version of okay. Yeah so people will dance to this genuinely like if you establish a semi pattern of having these own say tongue in cheek but just the wedding songs. I just saying that this is this is all keeping in with like a new. Okay the is it hoover. I'm not really good not gonna french. Okay i'm glad you said that because that pertains tenfold to the next song no no. This is so funny. No turned off the ongoing going. Full hardcore george. C. scott mega. Stop atrocious agreed. Andy does a spot on. Fred schneider and i think he wants to like do that. No one's going to hear him. I now we he made me do it on the cruise gonna say. Ge totally did that at our karaoke trying to stand by man. I didn't want to be up there. I don't want to be doing this part but he wanted to do this part. This is atrocious when we met with our dj. And i was very. I was actually probably heard about it for no reason undergoing treatment time i was like. I don't want fucking love shack. I don't want fucking What was the one celebration kool. And the gang fucking. I was going on. I didn't want any understood right away. Okay so the no cheese. You're.

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