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Welcome back to this week in video games. And this is the news roundup giving you all the latest video game news. You need to know in just about ten minutes. If you find it useful to like shan subscribing youtube and also favorite podcast apps thinks down below in the description all the show notes. Well it's august the first twenty twenty one. Let's get to the news. I up in the news today. Horizon forbidden west reportedly delayed into q. One twenty twenty two. And this one comes matt wiles. If you're a gamer so horizon forbidden west. The highly anticipated for two guerrilla games acclaimed open world action adventure horizon. Zero dorn has reportedly been delight into twenty twenty two thousand miles summer horizon. Forbidden west was originally set to launch a playstation foreign playstation five towards the end of this year. However sony hinted a slip might be possible back in june when announced got war iraq would be now eight twenty twenty two title. We think are on track to release horizon. Forbidden west this holiday season said the playstation studios boss herman host at the time. They isn't quite certain yet. And we're working as house. We can confirm that so hints. That sony was now leaning towards delaying. Her horizon been west released into next year. I service yesterday. Courtesy of game beat journalist. Jeff grubb who suggested the company still undecided on the matter during his giant bomb. Show however bloomberg's jason schreer is now weighed in with the more definite statement. The sony is delayed. Playstation exclusive to the first quarter of twenty twenty two according to his source to clarify one question he added. It seems that the original room in that sony hadn't decided yet the my understanding is that the game was delayed a one ago next up. We've got another delays. Kenna bridge of spirits released a slips into september. And this one comes to marcus jewett. I've game informer sakineh bridge of spirits has been one of the most exciting playstation exclusives since the debut of the console itself and it was originally supposed to launch during the twenty twenty holiday season before it slipped into this year with the new august..

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