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A search started last night and continued into this morning. The sun told his daddy wanted to hike higher yesterday. And when meet him back at the car, but the dad. Never showed up world welterweight boxing champion. Manny Pacquiao does house in LA has been broken into it happened while Paquito was in Vegas this weekend. For a big boxing match, a relative told KTLA, one of pack ios, ants, usually lives in the house. But she was also in Vegas. Way. We have our lines the police call anti that. Somebody Bulger the house TMZ reports the burglars forced their way in and ransacked the place. Senator Kamala Harris announced to run for president her campaign website, says she is tough principled and fearless. Like, some other Democrats Harris says she will refuse to take money from corporate political action committees bay area, congressman Eric swallow. Well says he may join the growing list of democratic contenders. For president. I think I can make a difference by going big in the issues. I'd take on by being bowled in the solutions. I would offer on healthcare energy small well was in South Carolina over the weekend to attend a local branch of the national national women's March. It has been a couple of decades since a California Democrat made a major run for president. Now looks like two of them. At least we'll be trying the Rams and the New England Patriots are headed for the Super Bowl for the first time yesterday both NFL conference title games went into OT. This will be the patriots quarterback. Tom Brady's ninth Super Bowl and the first for the Rams since two thousand two when they were still based in Saint Louis.

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