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They also provide pre screen quality tenants to their property Owners. They love to match good people to good homes. Contact them today, North Bloomfield calm but pretty cold Morning clouds are start to command. Mostly cloudy today. 20 to the high Tonight, seven above suburbs. Colder clouds, sunshine and low twenties Tomorrow Friday mostly cloudy with highs in the low twenties from the weather Channel meteorologist race Did you got to start 7 60 wjr. And Ray. We've been at five. We've been it's six and maybe we're at seven or so. Now. I think Dana might have mentioned. So it is whatever it is. It's single digits, and it's bitter. Dangerously cold. Remember that as you go out? As the kids go out and as your pets go out dangerously cold heading toward 6 45 15 before seven on this Wednesday, Hump Day morning, 10th of February and We've got this week's ih s market minute with Jeremy Carlson and brought to you by the gym camps. Discus and his team at Dana Dana. People finding a better way. Jeremy Semiconductor shortages impacting the auto industry's recovery from the pandemic inflicted slowdown. Manufacturers will produce hundreds of thousands fewer vehicles and Q one globally as a result of the automotive chip shorted Thies Micro controller chips are required for even the most basic vehicle functions and demand is growing both for vehicles coming out of the pandemic and for via Go. Elektronik, Sin powertrain chassis.

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