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Of the dan nights unless you know essentially how much time you spend in the red sympathetic bothell nervous system and how much time you spend in. The green patterson had a system that gives me a really good clue on whether my body getting out of recovery getting did a syllabus of recovery throughout the day so put together you get a really good picture of what's going on on the body with another system whether i'm getting enough recovery which is always my primary objective is to get adequate recovery but also by putting the began enough strikes lockouts and ultimately i'ma getting enough an balance between the two and then of course you sprinkle on top of that. The variable layer subjective measures. Which is however feel. Don't have enough energy to get through the day. As mahmoud good positive optimistic about the outlook generally happy when i put together the subjective measures i backed up by data than really complex the data sometimes flag saying that are in the pipeline in other words about coming down with something but i'm feeling good positive because they sent can suffocate yet so there's also a good way of looking into the future while the crystal thinking what's going on in the next few days is my body giving me a sign that i've account fear or really used to ignore so hulas reasons. I'm a huge fan of the tech. So i must been helpful. Share it with anyone who needs to hear it. Living is what kind of horrible keys. What are you find helpful. Are you a fine of a not. I of straddled both cancelled your style. People said not necessarily a fan of where we'll check thanks listening Stay healthy have a great week to find out more about what leon and the team bullish performance through for companies head over to. Www dot buddy short performance dot com. While you they wanna take our wellbeing at work school card and find out how you business measures up in four key areas of wellbeing wellbeing strategy and aspirations will being resources and training energy motivation leadership and values. Thanks for listening and see you next week..

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