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Players Jack Harris Aaron Jacobson Jeff kurkin doll Katie Luchino you're listening to AM Tampa Bay No Jack Jack Harris is caught at the? Border, no not the southern border stuck in Canada missed his flight last. Night what he did have his green. Card they wouldn't let him back in and not sure what happened with Jack Harris last, night but he is. Stocky he tried to, fly believe from Montreal to, Toronto got to, Toronto missed his connecting. Flight he is stuck in, Toronto so he will be back. Tomorrow I caught up with him. Yesterday he'll come on with us in the six o'clock hour as we will make fun of him for all his. Troubles Katie, Buccino, Jeff kurkin all here as usual and tell you what I've never missed a connecting. Flight I don't know if you guys have ever had that issue. Katie I know you travel a lot like. Myself I've, never, actually, I I've had it come close where I feel a little nervous and little, worried but never. Actually have I missed a connecting. Flight I actually have never missed a flight period I don't know how it happens I guess I guess they kept him. On the runway on in Montreal and then, when they finally got the, Toronto he had missed the flight but there were. No other? Flights coming, into Tampa who knows I mean I mean how late wasn't Late. It was? Like six, in the, afternoon even try That's It depends what he was. Flying what. Airport like I know when I'm an upstate New, York there's only one airline that flies out of that, airport so you kind of are screwed if something. Happens so maybe he was maybe it was a small. Airport I don't really. Know I don't know how they offer, people, hey if anybody wanted takes the next, play we'll knock off some money and then they have standby as. Well they probably, said we'll offer you some free beer. You you'll be there for the next. Week Until you drop he's like all right Yeah that that'd. Be sold, for him Sucks though when you when your flight gets delayed because then you spend the entire flight stressing about. If you're gonna make the next. On it just makes miserable first. Flight it's it's just a stressful, mess flying can be just a mess and you don't want to be rude because, there's passengers around you and you know some of them are. D- everyone that stuck on the. Plane? They're all stuck in it together right so like, you can just bitch all. You want. But. You're not going anywhere all right okay. So, we can't say that he hijacked Say that at all We'll catch up with him in the six o'clock hour and see how he's doing a lot coming up here today. On AM, Tampa Bay but first let's. Check in with. Daisy ash and traffic the train, traffic center, powered bike climate designs state with sixty remains closed with, bell road crossing repairs east of. Clarence Gordon junior road there's construction blocking the express lanes, northbound the veterans expressway at we'll scheme and also roadwork..

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