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Slash Jersey city here's Bob Boone Tom Jonathan good morning here's what's making news in science technology engineering and math billionaire investor Peter Thiel who is perhaps president trump's most powerful tech industry supporter says he wants a federal investigation into as teal put it seemingly treasonous acts by Google deal deliver the opening speech yesterday at the national conservatism conference in Washington and questioned whether Google's senior management has been in his words thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese intelligence the co founder of PayPal took aim at Google for agreeing to work closely with China trying to get its search engine back into the Chinese market while deciding to let lapse the US defense department contract that had given the military access to its artificial intelligence tools he suggested the FBI and CIA should be asking such questions and said he'd like them to be asked in a quote not excessively gentle manner India aborted today's planned launch of the space craft intended to land on the far side of the moon less than an hour before lift off the Sean right on to mission was called off when what was termed a technical snag was observed in the six hundred forty ton fourteen story rocket launcher the country space agency the Indian space research organization says a revised launch date will be set soon the spacecraft is carrying a lander designed to make a soft touch down on the lunar South Pole and to then send out a roll over to explore water deposits confirmed by a previous Indian space mission and that's the Bloomberg NJ I teased him report Tom Jonathan Bamber thanks so much fun things.

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