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Meet people. How am i going to serve my community. How did they do that. And i have podcasts. Thousand regular radio before in jersey. And i have been podcasting and also came up with. Maybe outside podcasts. Just about county. And i was watching My mom was a big fan of like good morning. America and all with him wanting she was watching. Good morning america. Not like this morning. I didn't know the if there were any other podcasts. At a time when the county but i started talking to government leaders so i started talking. I talked to charlotte name. She was on. The show talked to on joe allen who he's economic development. I think over and over in pleasant hill area is talked to nicole of hendrickson who was running for but before that she wasn't even running. She just seems that. Community outreach direct obi now she's chairman chairwoman onsite started talking to a lot of the community. Leaders okay this is great. Shot sale williams who's over economic development. I started talking all these guys and get to know more about county in all things that were going on here so that became a staple in my in in the beginning and then i started to reach out the business owners. Like i talked to shove hake whose those mazing working county he is. Speeding people are hungry. You know we are in his pan-demic right now near a lot of people who just don't have the resources to go out and get something simple is boom and so shut. Hank is providing hot meals of people on weekly when they can just get a free miller's goal go home which is a good thing so i saw talking to those people. Do not start at talking to people who've organizations like goodwill programs. It has become my full time thing. I had to companies. I closed one down just recently. So i have to focus more on building. I wanna go ahead. Because i just really believe in what i'm doing and the fact that we can be on so many platforms around. The world instantaneously excites me. So that's that's pretty much how to get one part. Audrey bell kearney is the host of the good morning show you can find a good morning would not dot com autry Have you found yourself talking to people in the community in in found herself just over bound by some of the stores is some of the great things that are happening book by our neighbors said people who are our neighbors right here in gwinnett county are doing not all run the definitely excited and i give you one thing that really really excites me in curiosity lab over norcross curiosity led excites me on the autonomous driving. Car in the autonomous driving. Scooter those things be. So those are you. Don't listen to the didn't want to shell. One of i am a geek and so i love all things technology But that excites me. Because that shows us that that show the world that county is not be innovation. Health technology biomedicine with the bride's coming down. Here right up to three sixteen. Find me i'm excited about that. You know my husband works in pharmacy for a very long time. Now said when i read the article in polls like you only have to put a research center right. You're over three sixteen. He's really like yeah. So things like that exciting to see all innovation is coming into gwinnett. County also excites me. Because i realize they're going to be a lot. Opportunities for people will look deployments so listen to the show some time. All we've preaching about listen. Learn something new. You gotta be learning all the time there are you can learn anything go to you to be. Demi depends on who you ask and learn a new learn a new skill as you can when these companies coming here and they had all these jobs you need to be ready to jump on it. But if you don't know something you know you not them marketable so you're gonna miss the opportunity. I'm really excited about the role in the innovation is happening Gannett county glad to be a part of it. Audrey bilk ernie is shining the light on our community through her podcast. Good morning could not is good morning. Connect dot com autry. Do you see yourself as a local celebrity. No i. I really do see myself. Probably as a local advocates not a celebrity Because i feel like podcast is such a powerful platform and the fact that we could not only share what's happening in when net but we can also bring some great people and great great information from outside to the people in that so i can't see myself more as an advocate. Remember i was going to politics. And i definitely went going to politics. Be as liberty week. See what happens in politics every day. Now i don't think so but advocate year on an informant maybe overnight county. Yeah yeah yeah. And i seen it on in in a very good way. That's audrey belle kearney. Of the good morning. Gwinnett show. And i'm gp edwards for the daily post podcast. 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