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The president and founder of scribner based in the are in the space of the space of i love that a subscription and recurring bowling software quiz we're talking about things that are sort of outside of business now segment one we covered the business model itself so adam urges to wrap that up the morning routine is essential to productivity and i think we agree i think more and more people are discovering that so that's that's great thanks for sharing your routine now when you talk about health versus wealth what do you mean here well it really personal for me i'm unit had my father who worked knocked out on business suffered a major uh help call it setback setback in 2014 had a meeting rooms road heart attack at law his business overnight essentially every monday on the back of jets working eighteen nineteen hours a day for fifteen years and and neglecting uh you know proper nutrition exercise proper slicking habit and so when i helped before well it doesn't matter if you're operating a 20milliondollar business or a two hundred million dollar business if you don't have your health and and operate it uh nothing else really matters got treat yourself with respect if you're running it didn't it on the central that your healthy and happy in order to milk you don't get the most out of uh out of that at that isn't that you're running out and you know personal permit so notes is profound for you i'm sure you know my father whose ninety one today still says dave if you don't he starts he's going to rescue if you don't have your health you don't have anything so in a way it's a simplistic way of expressing what you just did i mean louie in maybe this is an american thing too but we're also wired to lay doodoodoo doodoo and we really forget to be and we forget that it all starts with the experience of being present in the now and so what businesses do none of this is true for you adam and i think it is because you've discovered how important you know your value systems could have been you really taking control and in a certain way it.

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