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I mean there's nothing more gratifying than being right when everyone else is wrong. So maybe that was part of it. To me like this one of a little little high from it. Tell me about how the Anthony. Bourdain part. Evolved into it what did anti Dane represent to you? What? How did that sort of? How did that come to be part of this joke as well? I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but I will. A. Little I guess. I. Remember I was watching his show as I get it. He's interesting and he's cool. But he's a handsome guy and all this kind of stuff. And I had friends who I worked in the restaurant injury for years people who read his goes kitchen confidential or whatever. And and they were like, oh, it's so compelling. He's you know he's on drugs and all this stuff and he's cooking like you're a cook in you're on drugs all the time I don't find you compelling at all. I. Just saw a sometimes on his show. He came off like he thought he was very. When he would make jokes and it irritated the shit out of me, and then the way the same people who? Call themselves foodies and like Anthony Bourdain. Were just. The they always happen to be the same person who would shit on Guy Fieri and not like walking around the mall or you're like. I just I hate. I hate to because it's never funny. It's usually not. As compelling. A person or topics or band or I'm not absorbing. Seems interesting on on the service and then a lot of the time it's bullshit but. That being said like somebody being asleep person. Guy Fieri seems to be. I'm not ever really disappointed someone being sweet. Yeah. Like but I am disappointed in a person who like will be like they seem collaborative good taste music and they have like one album I, like to listen to the restaurants courtship. Or what? That exists I. It was something when preparing. For the interview having having known this part of the joke It reminded me sometimes how you talk out. Growing up and how they're like a lot of tough guys around and you're like this sweet sweet guy and like how toughness was coated as cool. Do. You feel like it's there's part of that in there, which is sort of like. either. A natural aversion to sort of that type of like leather jacket cool. I don't know there's like a natural aversion. There's a thing with guy. Fieri. He seems to be genuinely likes what he likes and does the things he does, and then like with a lot of people who look like Gordon seem to me like this is fashionable. A. Lot of people who were absorbing him God rest him. were. kind of that way too like. Even take the time to enjoy this or do you just have Xi's t-shirt. Highlight. Yeah. So I think I wouldn't say like a natural. Aversion to it but I I WANNA. Give everyone a shot. Yeah. You know. But a lot of times that that kind of persona will will turn me off I. WanNa find somebody interesting in not Not Pretending to be interested. I guess it's. I mean like I don't know if I'd be like Oh. You're comedies thick Guy Fieri of comedy and not the. Common, well, like I guess they are they have. Like I don't think I would call you the guys area of comedy like whatever I've ever represents. It's like does not hold true because in my head, a guy for comedy would be like big partying and like fireworks and like that because you. Do you feel like. As a crater, there was something about what guy presented that you wanted to aspire to more than what anti representative. Yes. There's part of that because. I'm sure Anthony. Bourdain did some very decent things in his life so I'm not going to. Presume to know anything about it but like. The part I like in the Joe as far as point making goes was depart were say he helps small businesses all the time. Yeah which is a real thing. I've no restaurants in Portland he went through that were just anytime they rerun it would be busy again. And it seemed like this very. Like, anybody who like is cool and. Liberal and like. Likes interesting music and has tattoos would want support a small business. And, and that is a thing. He's not saying he's doing it. Like. And he's not showing it. He's actually doing it. which is much more valuable than being a mouthpiece and I'm not saying boarding was that but you know like the proof is always in the pudding. So I I like that about him just in case there's like Anthony Bourdain heads who were like screaming I do want to just note as a fan of both I do think. One day and as he got older became much more Gentle and less worried about. Playing the character he created in the book. And I think the show reflected that I. Think the Early Show. As like anyone who creates the first TV show like I imagine like I'm this guy from this book and it's going to be like rock and roll and the ad like buy into that he got more cloud I think. He. Become. He's still was like you know leather jacket judo. Rolling Stones t-shirts but like it was much more sentimental and I think especially like he would when he ate at. In foreign countries with families, he was very much a very good listener. I think that being and became less about like cracking wise which I think was a big part of the early show. Yeah he was like A. Bit, more, present and Yeah was something I could actually appreciate. You also learned to do that better the further along you go in your life. Yeah and this is a sign that where I feel like Guy Fieri His his also like. I think he learned how to if you have is a federal show I've watched evolve he's learned to like not dumbed down. How he talks to people as much like I, think at first he was like being exciting nonstop I think he's like sunk in and like actually able to sort of have more earnest conversations about as opposed to being like in your face I'm guy you'll. Sell it sell it. So yeah. But back to the joke at different parts in the joke because on the album and encoding, you do at different times both times you do am I. Still Doing this I am still doing this bit which is an a nice. Calling out the as I say, like the joke becomes about sort of your. Flights Fancy or whatever your obsession with this. Or is it a thing where you're just sort of feeling out of like when is the audience? Most backing away a little bit or most being like, how do you feel when it's time to sort of say like? No this is. A weird amount of this to do it this is this is a ton of energy. To. Put into such a thing. If no one had ever thought of it. It probably wouldn't matter of I guess in the later version of the bit I saw. How much chicken I chewed off the bone already essentially. And those kind like maybe this a lot but I don't want a bit to me over. So I was like well, here's a second helping. You to legacybox like I just I wanted more but I wanted to acknowledge that I maybe being a bit of a zealot. Yeah Yeah I mean I think it also allows you to then do the last part which is like. A true flight of fancy of imagining this World War Two scenario which. Is. I, mean like it's part of what I love about the show is that there's so many different types of ways of approaching this joke and you decide to do all of them in this one joe, which is like a bear Guy Gary Way of doing the joke which is like. I've got to prepare this dish I'm going to do all ways of doing this. Holiday News and Harbour Niro. Yeah. Talk about adding that that that last flourish. I, feel like. The joke is kind of works in three parts. Like. There's like the the beginning of the introduction, and then there's the part of me listing and comparing the two..

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